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AIBU - Annoying Neighbours

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LouBlue1507 Wed 18-Jan-17 08:52:15

Does anyone else have any annoying neighbours they want to vent about?

We live in a ground floor flat (1 of 3) converted pub and the neughbour above really annoys me but it's nothing major, so you can't really say anything! Anyone else have neighbours like it?

Some examples;

- There's a tiny car par with room for 6 cars, neighbour parks right in the middle of two bays! The car park is nearly always full so why be awkward? Park properly!

- The night the bins go out, she wakes us up wheeling her bin past our bedroom window at 1am. Lots of banging and cluttering before then.

- She occasionally has a child stay with her who runs around upstairs like a bloody elephant! It's so loud and this goes on until midnight when he's there, waking us and DD up.

Just need to vent!

Amethyst81 Wed 18-Jan-17 09:01:36

We live in a ground floor flat too and I agree its the little things that annoy. My upstairs neighbours are lovely but not very house proud. We share a front path to our gardens and whilst mine is presentable theirs is very overgrown and covered with toys and debris. I know its silly but it looks terrible and when visitors come they think its my messy garden. Not a big deal I know but annoying.

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