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Daily Mail Social Experiments

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Twogoats Tue 17-Jan-17 22:20:05

No link... I saw it on Twitter...

So, the DM 'journalists' pretended to drown a bag of puppies to see if anyone would stop them... hmm

Am I the only one who hates these social experiments? I'd be raging if my face was printed in the DM without my approval!

Twogoats Wed 18-Jan-17 08:20:36


ilovesooty Wed 18-Jan-17 08:23:24

Why give them the publicity by naming them?

ShatnersWig Wed 18-Jan-17 08:25:14

Use of MN by the DM is a social experiment.

SquatBetty Wed 18-Jan-17 08:25:37

I saw that on Twitter as well. Like the person who tweeted it said - what the fuck are they on at the Mail?!

WellErrr Wed 18-Jan-17 08:26:32

I wish people would stop posting about them on here.

Twogoats Wed 18-Jan-17 11:02:23

Yes, maybe I shouldn't have posted it... But I was bloody shocked! How could anyone think that this 'experiment' was a good idea? Let alone 'journalism'!

Servicesupportforall Wed 18-Jan-17 11:10:37

Mmmm my teenage dds quite definatly would have attacked him physically and I know I would have. Stupid arse

amispartacus Wed 18-Jan-17 11:18:35

A good social experiment would be to see a DM journalist shaming someone and then see if people stand up to them.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Wed 18-Jan-17 11:18:52 I'm just going to leave this here grin

Twogoats Wed 18-Jan-17 12:07:54

Yes, I'd like to think that I would have stepped in too. Although I would not be happy to have my face in the Daily Mail! angry

Soubriquet Wed 18-Jan-17 12:10:33

And then what would have happened if he was punched for example and it all turned out to be fake?

OliviaBensonOnAGoodDay Wed 18-Jan-17 12:13:39

Exactly Soubriquet. There could be all kinds of dangerous consequences.

I also saw one recently where they sent some poor kid out onto the streets with no shoes or coat to sit at a bus stop. If that had been me - and I'm sure lots of others - I'd have been on the phone to the police. What a waste of their time.

NightWanderer Wed 18-Jan-17 12:14:23

They get even more clicks if he gets punched. If he gets beaten to death they'd be thrilled.

I hate social experiments.

mambono5 Wed 18-Jan-17 12:14:30

I hate the "social experiments" too, whoTheever does them. They film a bunch of people, but then select the ones they will make public to fit whatever message/ trend they want to put forward.

You can prove absolutely anything with a so-called "social experiments", some just take longer than others to film.

I do read the DM (online) but didn't even click on the article, it's too stupid. (the only way to send any kind of message to them is to not click on an article, and hope others will do the same).

SpringBail Wed 18-Jan-17 12:38:25

YANBU, i hate those "social" experiments especially when done for clicks. This could have backfired spectacularly on the journos and they could have ended up getting a hammering as pointed out by pp.

Twogoats Wed 18-Jan-17 18:51:37

Oh my! Yes I would have phoned the police if I saw a lost toddler! sadangry

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