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Be sick of hearing it?

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user1470064958 Tue 17-Jan-17 20:13:23

Long story short I was made redundant recently via text message over very shady circumstances which are tantamount to maternity discrimination, currently the upheaval of a tribunal wouldn't be good for me.

I remain friends with several other employees one of who I even made DD's godmother, but since being made redundant after 2 years of working there I have found these friends insensitive and albeit a bit heartless to my feelings. I genuinely care for them all but feel as if I am being reminded of all the bullshit everytime I see them such as the work place politics and gossip. Something I am no longer part of.

I always wanted to go back to work so understandably am really hurt by the whole situation

I just don't know what to do, do I continue seeing people who clearly are completely unaware of how much I don't want to hear about the sodding place,

Or do I say something? Or stop seeing them...

It's a really cliquey place and I get the impression they are just glad it wasn't them 😒

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