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To have convinced myself I've got cancer.

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AnxiousArmy Tue 17-Jan-17 16:59:31

Firstly, let me say I lived with a hypochondriac for years. I'm well aware it can be bloody annoying.

My ds is nine months. My periods came back at six months and have gone away since! I've maybe had one or two days where it stopped.

I haven't been able to have sex since ds was born (Cesarean) We tried twice but it was agony.

I've been to the gp today and she's referred me to a gynocologist for a camera as in inspection I have an inflamed cervix.

I am trying to hand myself a grip but must admit I'm struggling. I keep imagining being told it's the big c.

My best friend died two years ago of breastfed cancer leaving two boys behind. I've been terrified of something like that happening since.

Throw grips at me please.

AnxiousArmy Tue 17-Jan-17 17:03:30

Sorry, they 'haven't' gone away since

toolonglurking Tue 17-Jan-17 17:13:49

I've got no real advice for you, but as odd as it sounds I've been having similar thoughts for myself.
DS is now 9 months old, periods haven't come back yet due to BF, but they feel pretty imminent.
I've got what I think is a spot on my breast, and I'm sitting here trying not to panic that it's actually breast cancer.

I've found myself thinking about cancer and assorted other awful diseases, and panicking that I've got them. My logical side says that it's because I have a child now of course I'm worried about living long enough to bring him up, but that's not really helping me right now.

I think perhaps the best you can do is try to stay calm, go to your appointment, ask all the questions you want to (even if you are worried they sound silly) and stay positive.

Sorry that isn't very helpful!

bibbitybobbityyhat Tue 17-Jan-17 17:16:42


Saucery Tue 17-Jan-17 17:20:33

Do you have to wait long? Whatever it is it sounds uncomfortable and worrying. Don't Google and keep telling yourself that you are doing the things you should be doing wrt seeking advice and treatment.

LostSight Tue 17-Jan-17 17:28:32

It's natural to be frightened. There are many possible causes of inflammation. The vast majority are not serious and can be treated. I hope you don't have too long to wait.

ricepolo Tue 17-Jan-17 17:36:39

If your GP had any suspicions she'd have fast tracked your referral.

Nobody on here is going to be able to totally reassure you. So you need to make that choice for yourself. Choose not to worry until there's something worth worrying about. And, worse case, if it IS cancer, then you're going to see a specialist. Which is brilliant.

I say this as someone who had cancer which went undetected for months by three different GPs. I've had to since learn than if you hear hooves, it's more likely to be horses than zebras (a symptom is more likely to be something common and non-cancerous than something abnormal).

AnxiousArmy Tue 17-Jan-17 18:52:54

Thank you all pp's.

I know, it's daft.

She didn't mention anything about fast tracking, just that I would get a phonecall for an appointment so I'm working myself up over nothing.

OhForFrigSake Tue 17-Jan-17 18:56:40

I've had cervical cancer and my symptoms were post coital bleeding but as I remember, my cervix looked fine at my smear. (The nurse was talking me through it).

brasty Tue 17-Jan-17 19:18:13

Sounds like cervicitis which is common after childbirth. Basically a chronic infection. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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