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"dynamic pricing" and "special offers" for New Customers

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tickingthebox Tue 17-Jan-17 12:03:10

Aggh - this may turn into a bit of a rant...

I am so pissed off with variable pricing. And special offers, and introductory deals.

1) The lovely hotel I was looking to bookinto for a romantic break has just gone up euro 120 PER NIGHT, a phone call and I'm told it's "dynamic pricing" and they can't do anything.

2) Car insurance, home insurance utilities etc etc need changing every year else you get ripped off.

3) Just realised the kids savings accounts (paying 1% interest) are shocking as "that's an old account now" I can get for them 3.5% interest AT THE SAME BANK, "well you do need to switch regularly"!!!

so many ways companies rip you off - what happened to fair pricing? honesty? helpfulness? FFS

Sirzy Tue 17-Jan-17 12:11:15

It's annoying but it's done to get new customers or customers to return really. When someone is new to a company they are going to be looking for the best deal, regulars are generally just going from habit so from a company POV it makes sense.

If a hotel realises it will be busier on certain dates then of course they will use that as a chance to cash in to cover quieter times.

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