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To have sacked the BBC?

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IonaNE Mon 16-Jan-17 19:36:01

So I sold one telly, gave the other one away, then notified Tv-licensing online that I had no equipment capable of receiving live television broadcast and I did not watch on-demand services; and that I wanted a refund for the remaining time on my licence (which, to give them credit, was with me within 5 days in the form of a cheque, so here's a positive story about Tv-licensing).

My reasons:
1. I never watched tv. YouTube is so much more interesting.
2. I can read the news online. This is much better because I can click on the news items I'm interested in and only read those and I don't have to "sit out" all sorts of random/boring stuff.
3. All those "wonderful BBC dramas" can be bought for 99p on DVD in charity shops, should I want to watch them (I don't).

I am no longer subsidizing the monolithic UK state television despot. BBC, you are fired! grin

bonfireheart Mon 16-Jan-17 19:45:39

I did the same 4 years ago. Haven't missed the BBC at all.

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