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to think I wasn't really to blame for this?

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Gonegirls Mon 16-Jan-17 00:25:54

Went out last night and got very drunk indeed...

Girl I was out with and I got chatting to two men here on business and I was apparently very friendly/chatty/flirty etc. etc. with the guy I was talking to. Can't remember what I was saying at all but apparently I put him on the phone with another friend at one point (fuck knows what I was thinking).

Anyway I remember my friend suddenly came up to us at one point and pulled up his hand (she was a lot less drunk than me for some reason) and disgustedly made a comment about seeing a wedding ring.

I was probably disgusted too but I remember almost taking offence - I hadn't noticed, hadn't been pushing myself onto him and had only been talking - more to the point, I wasn't in the wrong! I'm not in a relationship and definitely do not chase those who are in them!

I feel like she was judging me too and feel a bit resentful about it!

steff13 Mon 16-Jan-17 00:27:13

It sounds like she was disgusted with him, not you.

BillSykesDog Mon 16-Jan-17 00:44:11

I think she was judging him. But she was probably also a bit pissed off with you for getting drunk and showing you both up plus she may well have felt you'd dumped her off for this bloke. Also she might have felt you'd got in such a state she was having to protect you from predatory blokes rather than enjoying herself which is annoying and no fun for her.

She may also have been more pissed than you realise and not entirely rational. Just call her and have a chat and apologise if she felt you'd crossed the line re state of inebriation. It'll be okay when you're both sober and the air is clear.

kissmethere Mon 16-Jan-17 02:01:26

Sounds like the drink made her behave like that. I imaguif you were both sober a quick private word in your ear would have done the trick.
If she knows you she knows you wouldn't go after a married man.
If she does think you were making a play for him I'd tell her to do one.

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