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AIBU, or do I totally not understand what a dietician does?

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midgetjen Sun 15-Jan-17 18:40:47

I suffer with a condition which makes eating difficult and have difficulty maintaining my weight. I was referred to an NHS dietician last year to help me pre and post surgery.
All the dietician wanted to do was weigh me and prescribe nutrition drinks. She did not offer any dietary advice or suggest suitable foods to help increase me weight. After surgery I have also struggled with gastric issues that seem to be common after gastric surgery. She refused to offer any suggestions on this and said that if I wanted to start an elimination diet I should do that myself.
I just feel very confused as I was so hopeful that I would find some support and advice from her, but maybe I have misunderstood what her job is?
Can anyone suggest where else I might find the help/advice I need? TIA

UnderClaws Sun 15-Jan-17 19:41:12

I had the same for my dd, limited diet and poor weight gain, basically we ascertained dd was not going to eat any of the energy drinks/ yogurt stuff and that was that.

Not sure really what the point was.

However, for my son who had food allergies another one was great. Prescribed but also lots of recipes and advice, it seemed like a personal interest

Marylou2 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:00:47

Has she talked to you about food fortification,adding extra calories via snacks etc OP as this is generally recommended before prescribing Nutritional Supplements. Also if you have gastric issues could you see the surgeon who performed your surgery or a gastroenterologist. Some trusts also have nutrition nurses who are excellent points of contact. Dietitians in the NHS are currently massively overburdened with a caseload of increasingly sick patients many requiring tube feeding or feeding via veins. Also you could ask to be referred to a specialist Gastro dietitian as they might be more helpful with your particular issue. Good luck.

IDontLookMyAge76 Sun 15-Jan-17 20:36:41

Did they ask what your dietician eat already? Cause if your diet is pretty much what they would have suggested then the supplement drinks might be the only difference they could suggest to your diet?

However, I think they should have offered advice on eliminating foods from your diet and how to do this safely or at least point you in the direction of someone who can. I'd second what others have suggested and try and get referred to a gastrointestinal specific dietician, they usually have one attached to each ward. Good luck with this

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