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Short break

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ishopthereforeiam Sat 14-Jan-17 23:36:15

If your other half was working and couldn't make it, would you take the kids away for a few days (including shortish flight). Total first world problems. I may be mad as they're 6 and 4 so might not be a holiday at all...

Crumbs1 Sat 14-Jan-17 23:46:42

No at such a young age I would do exciting day trips or maybe a U.K. holiday cottage near good things to do.

Heratnumber7 Sat 14-Jan-17 23:48:54

Not if it was the partner's work that was paying for it. That would be like a kick in the teeth.

ishopthereforeiam Sat 14-Jan-17 23:53:40

Day trips are good but if pos. would love some sunshine.

Heratnumber6 I work pretty hard so could bank roll myself. He also works hard but is limited when he can take time off.

freddiemercury Sun 15-Jan-17 00:34:09

are you asking for practical reasons ...IE is travelling with two small children on your own fun...then yes it's great...did it and had a brilliant time.
if you're asking whether it's "mean" to leave hubby at home working while you go away
...well ask him...mine was cool with it.

mogloveseggs Sun 15-Jan-17 00:37:07

I took dc away last year for a couple of nights without dh. Not on a plane though although did do long car journeys. It went well, would do it again although mine are 12 and 5.

ishopthereforeiam Sun 15-Jan-17 00:38:54

Thanks freddiemercury that's helpful.

Reason for asking is a bit of both. DH says he's ok with it, he's been apart from the kids for longer when away for work (including Abu Dhabi Grand Prix...) but for the last two years we've managed a short break away Feb HT which he can't make this year. Practically if we stay here (UK) he'd be home just as I tuck them into bed, I love sun and the kids love the pool so he wouldn't miss a massive amount but travelling with them alone could be tricky.

Longdistance Sun 15-Jan-17 00:40:31

I dragged my dd's back to the UK for a holiday a few years ago. They were 14mo and not quite 3.

We had a fab time coming back and forth from Oz.

I'd take mine away for a few days as I'd crave adult company. If my dm or mil came I'd probably do a week maybe.

ishopthereforeiam Sun 15-Jan-17 00:46:59

Thanks mogloveseggs and longdistance I'd go somewhere we've been the last two years (Dubai) where a few local friends go and we have friends out there so I could do dinner a couple of nights with adult company and the days with the kids by the pool.

It's reassuring to know people have tried it and succeeded !

Twinchaos1 Sun 15-Jan-17 07:47:20

I ended up taking my pair long haul because we were living abroad from when they were 3. It is harder work with 1 adult but totally doable.

maddiemookins16mum Sun 15-Jan-17 08:02:28

I do, DP more than happy (does a yearly trip on their own to watch darts which I hate). I'm taking DD to Salzburg in May for three nights, just us two (Easyjet return flights £104.00 return all in). I might have thought twice at younger ages though, depending where you are thinking of course. I did take DD to Eurodisney at 6 however (on the train). It was great but easier with just one child purely because I could hold her hand and pull our suitcase with the other.

ShinyMoonFace Sun 15-Jan-17 08:08:32

My DH hates camping with a passion and last year I took DS to a holiday park quite near us. Just for a long weekend.I was frustrated with always waiting for DH to be able to get away.

We had a fantastic time. It was hot, we swam and had the most wonderful time together. So much so that we will do it this year too. DH had a great time at home- beer, The Simpsons and pub with his mates featured heavily (he rarely does that, so he was happy) and DS and I had some really valuable time together on our own.

Thing is, we were all happy with the arrangement. I was doing something DH hates, and he got some rare alone time and rested and recharged.

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