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to tell you someone is trying to use my paypal account...

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BlackeyedSusan Sat 14-Jan-17 20:51:55

... apparently...

bloody clever as I do not have one.

seems like a new scam. <sigh>

SparklyLeprechaun Sat 14-Jan-17 20:56:27

My inexistent Apple account is being misused, I've got to click on some link to sort it out. Oh, and my Natwest account that I haven't got. But that's alright, once I get that money from the Nigerian government official it will all be good. Any day now.

RusholmeRuffian Sat 14-Jan-17 21:02:34

There's a problem with my account to, they've just sent me a "costumer report" so it's definitely true.

KatharinaRosalie Sat 14-Jan-17 21:08:05

I have been in an accident. Must have been a bad one, I remember nothing.

AuditAngel Sat 14-Jan-17 21:09:52

Given the number of accidents I am supposed to have had, it is a racks anyone will still insure me

Thinkingofausername1 Sat 14-Jan-17 21:59:25

I had one yesterday but I do have an account. I have had loads of emails from them to my hotmail. one even, with a reference number and saying there was an issue. I need to get dh to look into it for me

PurpleDaisies Sat 14-Jan-17 22:01:53

Someone's tried to buy a Michael Jackson album for £62.50 from my Apple ID apparently. Apple emailed me to ask me to cancel it if it was a scam...

That one actually almost fooled me.

WorraLiberty Sat 14-Jan-17 22:04:12

I was reading today about that Nigerian Prince, who died and left his 42 billion dollar fortune to his cat.

Apparently he wanted to share it with humans, but no-one would answer his emails...

Cherrysoup Sat 14-Jan-17 22:04:53

Check the sender's address, often a giveaway as unrelated to the company it's meant to be from, although my Amazon scam one looked good, all the right emails/logos telling me someone had bought a sound bar using my email!

MillionToOneChances Sat 14-Jan-17 22:04:58

That Apple fake purchase scam was very convincing.

Thinking, if you weren't expecting the purchase it's almost certainly a scam. Especially if to wrong email address. Never click the link, but it's easy to navigate to the webpage via google and check yourself.

HateSummer Sat 14-Jan-17 22:09:08

I have a long lost uncle in China who I share a surname with and he's left me £10000000000 in his will. We're the only ones with the surname so it HAS to be my uncle, just incase anyone tries to poo poo my claims! Once I send my bank details, dob and address over to the kind gentleman helping me, I'll be rich, and I won't be on MN any longer; I'll be too busy holidaying around the world living the high life! No need to be jealous!

Nameforsaken Sat 14-Jan-17 22:13:01

I had the paypal one too. I've had apple & amazon ones too.

I always check the senders email address. Most of them are sent from universities in US, so I've forwarded them to the relevant uni IT dept.
I've had positive emails back saying they're dealing with it.... I kind of hope someone's going to be chucked out!

RobinHumphries Sat 14-Jan-17 22:13:32

There's an Amazon one which looks very convincing until you look at the address bar. It is basically confirming an order has gone through.

GCHQMonitoring Sat 14-Jan-17 22:20:57

HMRC autobot phoned me the other day to tell me there was an issue with my account and I should press 1 to speak to my allocated case officer!

Hung up, but I imagind lots don't

previously1474907171 Sun 15-Jan-17 00:09:38

I have a refund to claim from HM Costoms and Revenue. I have not clicked on the 'lonk' in the e.mail though.

crazywriter Sun 15-Jan-17 00:13:26

Nat West got in touch with me to say my account had fraudulent purchases. Funny that since I don't have a Nat west account. In fact there is no NatWest where I am!

Had some very convincing amazon ones lately. Had to check the actual amazon accounts (went through the official website not the emails) to see waif they were real as rhea were similar items to what we'd recently been buying. Check the email addresses as that's a usual sign of a scam.

EmeraldScorn Sun 15-Jan-17 03:40:52

In the last 48 hours alone I've become a multi millionairess 3 times -

An email from the FBI (Hahahaha) who have foiled a fradulent plot of some type and I am due a large payout; I only need to cover the cost of the FEDEX courier who's going to deliver my cheque from America's intelligence and security service.

Some dear old lady in Nigeria has decided to bequeath to me the millions that her oil tycoon husband left to her in his will because she knows I'm a good person and she only asks in return that I keep a percentage for myself and then share the rest with other good people.

I won the lottery, I just need to click the link to claim it and the money will be in my account instantly.

The luck of the Irish hey, I'm doing pretty well with all of this kindness and good fortune coming my way!!!!

Firefries Sun 15-Jan-17 05:19:29

I got one of those from PayPal too. It said someone in Russia had tried to use it or something. I wanted to write back and chat to the person because they must be really bored to try and scam me.
The Amazon one is dumb too. It says your order has gone through and you think "oh flip, what did I order?" Nope. That too is just phishing as per usual. Ignore them.

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