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Pissed off about bedtime

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Tryingtostayyoung Thu 12-Jan-17 22:43:07

Just need to have a rant. DD has been having trouble sleeping recently and taking longer to fall asleep. Over the last couple days instead of going to bed at her normal bedtime she has been going to bed about half hour later, just because I was trying to wear her out a bit. Today she has been absolutely exhausted and was so ready for bed at her normal bedtime, I had to go out though tonight so bedtime was down to DH. I had to pick him up from the station tonight unexpectedly because the buses were all delayed and because I did that I didn't have time to chuck abit of dinner on for him, no pornlem. I get home tonight and say I bet she was straight to sleep tonight!! He goes no I didn't get to take her up until 8 because i had to make and eat my dinner first. I'm just annoyed because I would rather eat late or have something small and make sure she was in bed ASAP when she was that tired.
Pissed off. AIBU?

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