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Second opinion after a smear

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OopsDearyMe Thu 12-Jan-17 22:39:02

OK I am one of those people who always thinks they have cancer, but here me out. I just had a smear and it came back fine.

However, I have used implants for almost 12 years and never bled, which is the reason I still have them even tho I'm not currently sexually active. Since June I have been bleeding every other week. I had a similar spell in Jan last year but only for 6wks then all settled down,at the time I went to family planning and they assured me it was nothing and a one off , this was AFTER the bleeds tho.
Now I have put off going back in case they say the same thing. Anyway my smear was due and I had it done, i was certain something would be mentioned as I also noticed recently a lump just inside my vagina. I thought the nurse would tell me to get that looked at anyway, but she said nothing about it. This made me think it must be nothing and I am winding myself up. Now the smear is clear.

I should stop worrying shouldn't I?

Flopsypopsy Thu 12-Jan-17 22:41:06

I would speak to your GP about all your fears but the good news is, your smear was normal.

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