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Why oh why did Gwynnie uncouple from Chris Martin?

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ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:19:30

I still don't understand!

MadHattersWineParty Thu 12-Jan-17 22:20:49

Because they weren't getting on?confused

VeryBitchyRestingFace Thu 12-Jan-17 22:21:26

Are you asking because you've just caught a swatch of her new man?

elQuintoConyo Thu 12-Jan-17 22:22:34


ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:23:14

How can you not get on with CM? He's gorgeous and lovely?
I'll google her new man.

Freshprincess Thu 12-Jan-17 22:23:50

Perhaps he uncoupled with her?

MadHattersWineParty Thu 12-Jan-17 22:24:35

Well, maybe he got sick of all the Gloopy clean eating. It was probably quite tedious.

Manumission Thu 12-Jan-17 22:24:50

Is this a really delayed reaction or did something happen?grin

CherryChasingDotMuncher Thu 12-Jan-17 22:25:37

Because he's a self righteous arse?

DurhamDurham Thu 12-Jan-17 22:31:47

Not enough room in their house for all that smugness I expect.

QueenMortificado Thu 12-Jan-17 22:34:33

I saw him on Graham Norton and he was actually lovely. However he was also pretty boring and self-righteous, so much so that he walked off and came back on again because everyone was so boring.

Why does anyone split from anyone though?

EatSpamAmandaLamb Thu 12-Jan-17 22:36:53

He seems the type to only change his pants on a Friday and tell you (and everyone he meets) a normal person need only use one sheet of loo roll for a poo. I would uncouple from a lunatic like that.

MadHattersWineParty Thu 12-Jan-17 22:39:44

Actually he used to annoy the hell out of me but then my brother made me watch him on Carpool Karoke and I changed my mind. I thought he was really nice and sweet and down to earth.

That being said, I think I'd be bored if I had to spend the night down the pub with him.

ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:44:21

Is this a really delayed reaction or did something happen?


Delayed reaction, I think! He's gorgeous, witty, kind, talented - how could she not be satisfied with that?

Ok so he's a knob for calling his daughter Apple, but aside from that minor transgression he's damn near perfect.

justdontevenfuckingstart Thu 12-Jan-17 22:45:26

He didn't like her steaming her uterus and she would kick off every Tuesday when he got his royalties from some dirge cos they would go off the wall on wheatgrass shots.
Next morning it was all reconciled over some bran muffins but he'd start hanging for a tofu fondue and it would start again. Sad really.

NavyandWhite Thu 12-Jan-17 22:47:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PhilODox Thu 12-Jan-17 22:49:24

Remember the thread about shagging celebrities, and someone said CM looked as though he'd cry afterwards and thank you?

I imagine he is extremely boring to live with, which is fine, lots of people like boring.

BrondeBombshell Thu 12-Jan-17 22:50:44

Didnt he havr an emotional affair?

ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:52:32

Justdonteven grin

I'm not googling smegma - what's it got to do with gorgeous Chris and Gloopy Gwynnie?

ImperialBlether Thu 12-Jan-17 22:53:29

It was his decision to separate, not hers. There's a very emotional speech by her on YouTube about the breakdown of their marriage. I've also seen him being interviewed where he says it was due to him. Not infidelity, more mental health reasons.

I really like him and can't really see why there's that level of hatred for him.

noblegiraffe Thu 12-Jan-17 22:56:43

She saw the photo of him with the kids eating crisps.

ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:57:20

Proof of his wonderfulness

Viola Beach tribute

ClopySow Thu 12-Jan-17 22:57:56

I think he's a boring, arrogant tosser. So very uncouplable.

Nicknameofawesome Thu 12-Jan-17 22:58:08

Maybe he sang. That would do it for me tbh.

ProserpinaColada Thu 12-Jan-17 22:59:48

He always comes across as humble not arrogant.

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