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To think this mother was obnoxious

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faithinthesound Wed 11-Jan-17 20:37:20

In this city, buses have two high front seats (one on each side) and behind that, two bays of four seats facing each other for priority seating.

Mother with a buggy gets on, parks buggy in one bay, takes child out, and arranges her on a seat in the other bay, taking the other seat for herself. In effect, two people are now taking up eight seats.

Obviously I don't begrudge her the childother, or the buggy., but am I being unreasonable to think taking up TWO bays is obnoxious when a) the bus was busy enough that people could have used those seats (Its cleared out since, we passed a higschool and the teenagers all got off lol) and b) it's possible, and not an inconvenience/uncomfortable for mother, child AND buggy to fit in one bay?

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Wed 11-Jan-17 20:39:00

Depends if she was willing to move if someone needed priority seating

luckylucky24 Wed 11-Jan-17 20:39:55

She should have left the child in the pram and sat in front of it in the bay. If the child is young enough to need the pram it probably isn't safe for them to on a seat.

faithinthesound Wed 11-Jan-17 20:45:25

Apologies for awful typos, my phone is being naughty!

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Wed 11-Jan-17 20:46:26

Yes, we have to share space and taking up more than you need is unfair and selfish

MoggieMaeEverso Wed 11-Jan-17 21:07:48

Meh. Of course it was a bit selfish but she may have thought that as soon as anyone needed the seat, she would move. Are you saying there were actually people standing while she took up 8 seats?

faithinthesound Thu 12-Jan-17 00:10:36

Yes, there were people standing.

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