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to want to call dd2 Pearl?

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violetpancakes Thu 22-Feb-07 16:22:03

DD1 is called Violet and although I'm not yet pregnant we're planning another baby. If it's a girl I'd dearly love to call her Pearl but dh disagrees. However, he likes the name Ruby, which although it is lovely, is very popular, and hypothetical dd2 wouldn't be the only one in her class. Now I think Pearl is going to be the new Ruby. I think it's a very lovely name with Victorian gothic overtones, like Violet. How can I convince him it's not the name of a stripper. And yes I know about 'pearl necklaces' but the name Lola is popular despite the tranny references in the song by the Kinks.

Looking for some back-up from like-minded people out there!

J20BABY Thu 22-Feb-07 16:40:10

my (d)p really likes the name coral, but i don't, i think he assosiates it with the sea coral.

ruby is nice, but very popular at the moment, not too keen on pearl, sorry, love Violet though

stleger Thu 22-Feb-07 16:40:39

I knew twins called Olive and Pearl - they'd be mid forties now. I knew them in the seventies and their names were not chic then! Olivia is now super trendy isn't it - so you could be onto a winner! Does it go with your surname?

cheeryface Thu 22-Feb-07 16:41:58

i think pearl is nice, it doesn't matter though as long as you and dh aggree on a name you both like.

WelshDave Thu 22-Feb-07 16:44:36

As long as your last name isn't necklace

snig Thu 22-Feb-07 16:46:52

pearl is a lovely name, i really like it!

foxtrot Thu 22-Feb-07 16:46:53

Just curious - do you have a boy's name in mind too?

bundle Thu 22-Feb-07 16:48:36

have you read Behind the Scenes at the Museum? I'm sure lots of the characters in that had gem-like names

tubismybub Thu 22-Feb-07 16:49:37

Was just thinking the same WD

VeniVidiVickiQV Thu 22-Feb-07 16:50:18

I LOVE the name Pearl.

NadineBaggott Thu 22-Feb-07 16:50:47

Pearl's a singer ....

MamaG Thu 22-Feb-07 16:51:05

lol at wb

violetpancakes Thu 22-Feb-07 16:52:27

Our surname is Nigerian, we're a mixed race family and if it's a boy we want to call him Hector! At least that name we agree on! Dh also likes Iolanthe 'cos of the Io sound which in Nigerian Yoruba is like Ayo meaning joy. I prefer Pearl though, much more simple.

tissy Thu 22-Feb-07 16:52:58

Well I've got a Ruby (didn't know the name was going to take off like that -she was the first one born at our mat unit for 40 years!), but like Pearl as well.

TBH, I wouldn't connect the name Pearl with a stripper- with a singer maybe!

violetpancakes Thu 22-Feb-07 16:53:08

re pearl necklaces you should have read the OP

WelshDave Thu 22-Feb-07 16:54:47

I stand corrected violet, I should have read your message properly.

But I was going for the quick laugh, I apologise and will read all posts in future.

Kelly1978 Thu 22-Feb-07 17:00:37

I don't like pearl at all, I think it sounds very old fashioned, but I do think you could be right and it could become chic, but then you might as well call her ruby if pearl is going to become popular!
I wonder what the baby will think too? dd's middle name is May, which is quite old fashioned and she HATES it!

violetpancakes Thu 22-Feb-07 17:02:43

Kelly I love old-fashioned names, and May is very popular, not at all strange or old-fashioned as a middle name imo

choosyfloosy Thu 22-Feb-07 17:02:54

i think pearl is a delicious name but if your dh only associates it with strippers, I don't think he will change his mind


Kelly1978 Thu 22-Feb-07 17:03:40

I've actually yet to meet another May, though her first name - Rheannon, suddenly got popular when we chose it.

WinkyWinkola Thu 22-Feb-07 19:02:58

Pearl is a great name.

I love Ruby too but like you say, Violetpancakes, it's super popular just now. All those old fashioned names are smashing, I think. Violet is lovely but DH doesn't like any of them. Sigh. He likes names like Xenia and Mariella which I don't. Seven weeks to go and our name debate continues.. .... ....

lulumama Thu 22-Feb-07 19:04:11

my great aunt is called Pearl...think it is a wonderfully glamorous and evocative name, goes beautifully with Violet i go for it !

divamumplus Thu 22-Feb-07 19:16:06

yes Pearl goes lovely with Violet Lovely name

ohsmellyjelly Thu 22-Feb-07 19:17:12

Message withdrawn

violetpancakes Thu 22-Feb-07 20:34:49

don't you think Winky that men always seem to go for slinky sexy girls' names like Xenia, Samantha etc, while women go for quaint quirkier names like Ruby, Violet etc. Men don't seem to get the charm of least mine doesn't , and when asked he can't elaborate on the pariculars of why he doesn't like it, it's just because....damn frustrating....

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