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To be utterly appalled by this?

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Bette85 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:23:46

Not only have they stopped producing my most favourite chocolate in the world (Cadbury's Creme Eggs with nice chocolate), they're now bringing out a bloody Oreo version! angry Cadbury's have ruined Easter! sad

Gingernaut Tue 10-Jan-17 21:25:44

Mondelez are cunts.

I boycott them.

fleur34 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:25:45

Wtaf!!! This is unacceptable - feel your rage angryangry

DailyFail1 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:27:03

I like the oreo version

Crowdblundering Tue 10-Jan-17 21:27:15


Ankleswingers Tue 10-Jan-17 21:29:01


How dare they.

RJnomore1 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:29:16

It's a sad sad day

Aeroflotgirl Tue 10-Jan-17 21:32:54

😑😑😑😑😑😑😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Since Monodalez have taken over, it's been the date of Cadburys chocolate as we know it. The crap Dairy Milk combinations, the change in Chocolate.

Aeroflotgirl Tue 10-Jan-17 21:33:24

Death doh.

ClaryIsTheBest Tue 10-Jan-17 21:33:40

Never had one of these... but there are a few products where I would seriously consider to stage some sort of protest if they were taken off the market.

Olympiathequeen Tue 10-Jan-17 21:41:45

I think it's that palm oil shite

FoofFighter Tue 10-Jan-17 21:47:57


The Daim/Dime Dairy Milks are the only ones I can touch these days, the rest taste awful.

thenightsky Tue 10-Jan-17 21:48:06

It comes in a plastic packet now to prevent cracking FFS. If they made the chocolate as thick as it should be/used to be, there'd be not a chance in hell of it cracking. Remember when you had to spend ages grinding your teeth over them before breaking through to that gooey centre.

Palomb Tue 10-Jan-17 21:49:04

Don't buy Cadbury chocolate. It all tastes like shit.

BakeOffBiscuits Tue 10-Jan-17 21:50:22

I hate creme eggs now and they used to be my favourite thingsad

bumbleymummy Tue 10-Jan-17 21:50:25

Irish Cadbury chocolate is still ok. I always preferred it anyway. We stock up when we visit!

Ceic Tue 10-Jan-17 22:01:16

Oh why do they have to put Oreos through everything? It's not like they are proper more-ish biscuits or Ginger Nuts.

"Hey, let's make it fancy by adding the blandist biscuits"

Fucking Oreos. Little chocolate shits.

CommunionHelp Tue 10-Jan-17 22:02:03

From the thread title, I would have sworn this was about dressing gowns.

YANBU. Cadburys is horrible now.

S1lentAllTheseYears Tue 10-Jan-17 22:02:16

Freddos still taste like real dairy milk.

I believe they are made in the Irish factory.

The rest is minging. DD got some Dairy Box for Christmas - my dear old mum wasted her money sad as they are still kicking around now. No one can be arsed eating them they are such a disappointment. The genuine ones wouldn't have lasted till boxing day.


GerdaLovesLili Tue 10-Jan-17 22:02:34

Cadbury's "chocolate" doesn't taste or feel right anymore. It's horrid. And I say that as someone who has been known to eat cooking chocolate out f desperation. I've boycotted cadbury's since it was sold off.

And palm oil does NOT belong in any sort of chocolate.

AdorableAnn Tue 10-Jan-17 22:03:09


babychamcherryb Tue 10-Jan-17 22:06:00

Yuck. I'll have Lindt and lidl Easter chocolates. Cadburys is disgusting now anyway. Used to love a big bar of whole nut now you couldn't pay me to eat that shit.

ClaryIsTheBest Tue 10-Jan-17 22:12:31

Lindt, LΓ€derach or some kind of artisan chocolate... yum.

ClaryIsTheBest Tue 10-Jan-17 22:13:12

I do love independent chocolate shops, tbh...

glueandstick Tue 10-Jan-17 22:16:37

Terry's chocolate orange has gone to shit too. And toblerone.

I suppose my waist will thank me.

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