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AIBU to be totally pissed off with my Mum?

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Satansbanana Tue 10-Jan-17 18:46:30

My Mum is 78 and addicted to gambling, she plays slots online and when she can in arcades and the bookmakers. She has been gambling as long as I can remember. It really took a grip when both she and my Dad retired. They both got excellent pensions and Dad got a very large lump sum which she gambled away within a couple of years. My Dad adored her and would never question her even when she remortgaged the house, sold his RAF service medals and sold his beloved vintage toy collection. She has sold/pawned all her jewellery even family pieces promised to me and my sister. When my Dad became ill she neglected him terribly, leaving him lying him in his own urine whilst she went to the pawnbrokers/slots, not visiting whilst he was in hospital, preferring to sit at home on her laptop. I sat with him those last terrible days when his cancer took hold and his lymph nodes became necrotic. The last day she came for 30 minutes. I had to deal with his passing and everything that goes with it, Mum was on the laptop. To the outside world she is a pillar of respectability, a lovely little old lady who had such a hard time looking after her sick husband. Thankfully we had a funeral plan so the funeral was fully paid for, this didn't stop her asking my Dad's sister for a contribution because 'paying for it had left her with no money to buy food'. She has an amazing income from my Dads pensions it's usually gone within days and she has a group of people who bring her food, cigarettes and money...she is extremely convincing and has even told people she has no money because my husband is unemployed and she has to my mortgage, my husband is not unemployed and we both work to pay our mortgage. A couple of her friends have started to cotton on, she asked them for money/tried to sell them things once too often. I have just found out she has been asking my 17 year old son for money, even phoning him at school to bypass me. We've tried to speak to her, given her leaflets about gambling, but she does not want to know. I don't know what to do, part of me never wants to speak to her again and part of me feels responsible for her (I live a few minutes away) and know my Dad despite everything she has done would want us to look after her.

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