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To think this is ridiculous for a 4 year old car?

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babyblabber Tue 10-Jan-17 16:09:15

We have a 4.5 year old Peugout 5008 which we have owned for 2.5 years. One previous owner.

So far we have spent £600 on a service and various parts that needed replacing, £300 on parts & labour when it broke down on a motorway and now there is a major problem with the "brain" of the car. Local garage said they can't fix it and we need to go to a Peugout dealer. He reckons they will either be able to re-calibrate it or we will need to replace it which could cost £1000!

I know Peugout isn't a great make, we were very limited in choice as wanted a car with 3 isofix points in the middle row. But seriously wtf?!! There is no way we can afford to spend so much money on keeping it on the road if it continues this way. Not to mention the hassle.

Any car experts out there? Would we be better off getting rid of it if we can? Finances not great but if we could trade it in we could prob add a few grand to get something else.

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