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AIBU To wonder what Rag n Bone Man in the song 'Human' has done?

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nellieellie Tue 10-Jan-17 13:40:32

I can't help it. Every time it comes on (I do a lot of driving with radio 2 on), I can't help but wonder exactly who is 'putting the blame on' him and why? My theory, based purely on the sound of the song (repetitious, - he doth protest too much, no detail as to why none of it, whatever 'it' is, is not his fault and a rather bullying passive aggressive tone) is that he's actually been a bit of a rotter. Say, been found to have cheated on his wife/girlfriend, perhaps with someone much younger. Maybe doesn't spend any quality time with kids. Perhaps a mature student doing a course in say, life coaching, at the financial and emotional expense of hardworking wife juggling kids and career. Maybe he complains she is emasculating him by being the wage earner and paying for his course which he insisted he had to do, and that the fellow student made him feel a man again. It's not his fault. He's only human.

Minivaperviper Tue 10-Jan-17 13:47:46

It's an interesting song and I like your perspectives grin. I think he is saying don't put me on pedastil as you will be dissapointed in me because of your own high expectations.

Your options are much more interesting.

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