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To still be really upset about George Michael......

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Beaniebeemer Mon 09-Jan-17 22:45:14

Just that really. I don't think that a day has gone by where I haven't thought about him. In the first couple of days after his death I actually cried proper tears.

Bluntness100 Mon 09-Jan-17 22:46:25

This isn't normal I'm sorry no, unless uou knew him. If you didn't, then no it's not normal. Is there something else going on?

PurpleDaisies Mon 09-Jan-17 22:47:52

Did you know him? I think it's unusual to be so upset about the death of a celebrity.

dontbesillyhenry Mon 09-Jan-17 22:47:57

Urmm, are you okay OP?

Magzmarsh Mon 09-Jan-17 22:48:57

I was really taken aback at how upset I felt too. A lot of my friends weren't the same and said of all the high profile 2016 deaths his affected the most, he really was lovely flowers

HateSummer Mon 09-Jan-17 22:49:21

Yabu. It's quite odd tbh. Are you unhappy with life on the whole?

Ilovecaindingle Mon 09-Jan-17 22:49:39

Maybe due to recent speculation about the cause of his death keeps stirring things back up for you? I was upset also tho wasnt really a fan of the wham days, his solo stuff was amazing. .

Magzmarsh Mon 09-Jan-17 22:50:14

That was meant to say WERE the same, stoopid phone.

KissingAFool Mon 09-Jan-17 22:51:14

No, its perfectly ok to find his death sad. I cried too...wham were the first records I bought and childhood heroes of mine. I was inconsolable watching The Final in 86, and that was just on the telly, do I figure I'm allowed to be quietly sad about it.

MitzyLeFrouf Mon 09-Jan-17 22:52:28

I think it's fine OP, assuming this is a special reaction you've had to George Michael's death and you haven't been in tears at all the 2016 celeb deaths.

I know lots of people on MN can't understand it, but for music lovers so many of our memories and emotions are tied up in particular artists and particular songs. If you've been a fan if someone for decades it's absolutely normal to feel still feel sad about their death a mere fortnight after the event.

VintagePerfumista Mon 09-Jan-17 23:00:18

I think a tear or two is fine.
If it's taking over, or you are obsessing about him, then, as others have said, unless you actually knew him, it becomes a bit odd.

It's OK to be a bit gutted though. flowers

Beaniebeemer Mon 09-Jan-17 23:01:37

His music has been helped me through some incredibly difficult times. It's also been there through some happy times and I can pin point some of his music to milestones in my life. I do have severe depression which probably heightens my emotions. I just can't believe he's gone. 53 is no age sad.

minmooch Mon 09-Jan-17 23:04:02

Did you know him? I mean actually know him?

I find it weird to be this upset over someone you didn't know.

His music is his legacy - you haven't lost that.

Bluntness100 Mon 09-Jan-17 23:05:03

Then I think it's the depression that may be heightening this. It's not normal to be this upset and I think it's wrong for people to tell you it is, it does uou no favours. I think you're maybe focusing on this as part of your depression.

Have you sought medical help for your depression? Do you need additional help? 💐

Euripidesralph Mon 09-Jan-17 23:05:21

Honestly I would say it's less likely you are upset about him but more that it's a projection of something within yourself..

Realistically unless you knew him it's likely to be grief over the loss of something you've mentally connected him to

You say "53 is no age" is it possible that you have health anxiety and it feeds into the fear of dieing early?

CookieDoughKid Mon 09-Jan-17 23:05:56

Totally understand. I cried too and still devastated. Also it's made me reflect on my own mortality sad

cocopopsrock Mon 09-Jan-17 23:08:17

I understand. I'm not crying or devastated.. But I feel very sad, that we have lost an immense talent. A kind, warm human being who was taken too soon. 53 is too young for anyone to die.
I've been listening to his music quite a lot. Some of his songs were just fab, pure fun!

AnyFucker Mon 09-Jan-17 23:11:46

I hear you, op

This one has touched me a lot. He was a couple of years older than me, his music marks a lot of my early adult life...both sad and happy. One of his songs is mine and H's "special" song etc

I think despite all his money and fame he was somewhat of a lost soul. He must have found dealing with his sexuality in the early years agonising

News of his unlauded generosity is poignant. I also get a bit low at this time of year so all in all, yes I get it

Limerish Mon 09-Jan-17 23:13:42

I don't think it's out of the ordinary to mourn someone you never met, if they were a large part of your life.

Be kind to yourself, grief hits people differently.

bunnylove99 Mon 09-Jan-17 23:24:42

YANBU at all. I agree totally with Mitzy. You didn't personally know him but his music played a big part in special times of your life and this has had a lasting effect on you. I don't think I could have believed it myself, but when Prince died I was really upset and burst into tears frequently for weeks after. I felt a bit silly, and had colleagues giggling at me but i just felt extremely emotional about him dying. I think it makes you think of your own mortality and life passing you by. I hope you are feeling better soon. Don't listen to some of the posters on here. You are normal.....they have hearts of stone sometimes.

Magpiemagpie Tue 10-Jan-17 00:11:41

I hear you OP
I'm not crying or devastated as such but I am still upset .
I am massive fan and saw GM 3 times live and loved his music from his Wham Days to his recent stuff I admired him a lot as an artist and as a person .
His music always made me feel happy and thee was always something for whatever mood I was in
TMI but I slept with my husband for the first to the background of GM music lol
I got married to several of his songs and his album was playing when I gave birth to my son so his music will,always mean a lot to me
His music more than anyone else's has been the backdrop to my teenage years my twenties and thirties and forties I will probably have GM music played at my own funeral .

He's the first famous person that I do feel very upset about that he has passed away ,especially at such a young age .

I have cried a few tears for him and his family as well . A lot of my friends have said the same that his death has been the big one for them this year
The one that shocked them the most maybe because his music has been consistent for the past 30 years for many of us .someone something that's always been there .

I've been listening to a lot of his music lately and it reminds of what an awesome voice he had and that he has left an awful lot of people with some wonderful memories & touched a lot of strangers hearts
( not many people can say that )

fallenempires Tue 10-Jan-17 00:22:02

OP I think the major thing here is that many of us are near or around George Michael's age so that hits home anyway as it makes us question our own mortality.I think that he is a true star & despite some so called bad press could always accept that that was who he was and get on with it.I can't say the same for many of other so called celebrities.I always suspected that he privately carried out many charitable acts & it's been lovely to hear about all the many people & causes that he chose to help & support.The poor man had his demons despite his fame & wealth it targets all people regardless but 53 seems no age does it?

hovemum37 Mon 06-Mar-17 13:03:43

I'm so glad others are also feeling upset over George. I'm devastated, his music is really connected to so many different and often emotionsl times of my life. He was so young and I feel like he had so much to give. It's a tragedy.

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