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To be considering a tummy tuck and to ask some nosey questions please?

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RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 16:06:27

Firstly I am not even sure I would be a candidate, I am slim like properly skinny, I am size 6 - 8 and I could never tell anyone in RL because they would think I was mental because you can't really tell when I am clothed. So for that alone I feel daft even going for a consultation in case they laugh at me

BUT I hate the way I look naked. I have had 3 dc all by section the youngest is almost 3 and I just have this little pouch, the c section shelf that will not fuck off no matter how thin I get and how many planks I do! And I do a LOT <sigh> So I want to know please.......

how much does it hurt?

where would the scar be? would it be the same place as the section scar?

where did you go?

how much did it cost?

what was the recovery like?

and of course, what were the results like?

thanks in advance xxx

RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 16:58:09

anyone ?

StartingfromHere Mon 09-Jan-17 17:22:21

I had a TT about 4 years ago now. Definitely worth it for me as i had a hernia and my stomach muscles were never going to go back together on their own. It gives you a lovely tight tummy. The scar is big (goes round the back of my hip which I think is normal but it has faded now) and the operation really knocked me for six for about 3 weeks afterwards. I did not have any pain though.

Your stomach sounds much less bad than mine was. This is a really major operation so you need to think carefully about it as there is a scary list of possible complications - I did get a blood clot but was well treated and no permanent problems.

How low your scar is depends on what your surgeon thinks is right for you. I had mine at Spire Tunbridge Wells - very good care I thought.

downwardfacingdog Mon 09-Jan-17 17:29:21

Being slim and having low body fat is better. TT is for removing excess skin/repairing separaTed muscles not getting rid of a fat belly so you would not be silly to go to a consultation just because you are slim.

RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 17:30:47

Thank you...I am glad you had fab results

I saw celebrity botched up bodies ( blush ) and that Josie Gibson had one and looked amazing, I have similar loose skin to her but not as bad plus the lovely section "shelf"

How long were you off work for?

And if you don't mind me asking, what did it cost?

bluecoconutglittercat Mon 09-Jan-17 17:32:02

I don't often post on here, but I'm a long time lurker and I wanted to reply as I had a very good TT experience myself. Had mine done 9 years ago. I have only one DC, but was not planning on any more. I picked up about 30kg with my pregnancy, and was left with loose skin. I hated my tummy. I am not skinny, but I was about a UK size 12 when I had mine done. The results were amazing, apart from how good it looks I can now fit into all clothes without any problems. The operation was not as painful as I expected. I think I was off work for around 3 weeks. I had mine done at a private hospital and it cost £5k. I also had to pay around £120 for an initial consultation. The hospital I chose was not one specialising in cosmetic surgery and I did loads of research. I also had separated tummy muscles stitched up at the same time and I had lypo suction on the top section of my tummy ( above belly button position) third was to avoid having a step. The scar is hip to hip on my bikini bottom line. I had to keep the scar out of the sun for a year. The scar has faded well and is hardly noticeable as it is on my tan line. My DH was a huge support which helped. My only regret is I didn't have it done sooner. My DD1 was about 21 by the time I had it done!
IMO it is probably better to be slimish, as then there are no bulges.
I hope this helps.

RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 17:32:40

Ah ok downwardfacing, thank you

RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 17:35:39

Oh thas great Bluecoconut sounds like you had fab results

I have heard of a "Mini" tummy tuck for when there isn't Loads of skin to get rid of (yuk)

5k though, ouch shock and that was 9 years ago so prob would be more now!

I dunno maybe I am being silly / vain. as I do look alright in clothes and I am 37 I am hardly gonna be going about in crop tops :D

OverTheGardenGate Mon 09-Jan-17 17:36:15

I know someone who's had one and it cost £5000, but she is more like 16/18. I can't see any difference but then I've never seen her without clothes. I've had a C-section so I know what you mean, but I'm not really bothered about it. I do, however, have very big earlobes which occasionally bother me and I've thought about surgery - but then I go round looking at other people's earlobes and always manage to spot someone with bigger ones which actually don't look all that bad.
I think your first stop should be your GP so the situation can be assessed. I think you have to have a referral anyway. I could be wrong.

RocketQueenP Mon 09-Jan-17 18:29:50

Hmmmm so looks like around 5k then


RocketQueenP Tue 10-Jan-17 14:05:53

Bump for the Tuesday afternoon audience! ;) x

Magpiemagpie Tue 10-Jan-17 14:35:09

I had a mini tummy tuck this. Ithat be what you want if your a size 8-10
this is where they reopened the c-section scar they tightened my stomach muscles, small amount of lipo and then re did the scar so my scar is quite small and in the same place as my c-section scar but about 1 -2 inches longer you can't see it really
This cost £5000 around 10 years ago

A full tummy tuck is where they remove the belly button and give you a new one and the scar are much bigger I think like a tShape so lots more scarring me more complicated operation mine took about 90 mins if that I was home the next day

If your small and you don't have much weight around the stomach itself then a mini tummy tuck is probably what you want
Recovery wise about 10 days was hell painfull but got better each day
I was driving within 2 weeks and holiday 3 weeks later in a bikini

Happy to give you my surgeons details by pm and some photos if I can find them it was done by bupa but I went to the surgeon privately
I had about three consulations with different surgeons and picked mine because he was an army surgeon and local to my home town so I figured if he could work under pressure with gun shot wounds a TT would be a walk In the park
If you want surgery abroad I can reccomend one place as well where my sister in law had excellent surgury and a TT is about £2800

Magpiemagpie Tue 10-Jan-17 17:32:32

OP I re read your post and no matter how many sit ups planks you do because the stomach muscles have been torn open for the c-section and in your case multiple times a t/t is the only way that you will remove it and get it flat and taught again .Several surgeons told me this when I was having consultations

It sounds like that you were similar to me and you will only need a mini Tummy tuck which recovery wise is similar to a c-section

A full tummy tuck is really generally for those who have either lost a lot of weight and have sagging skin or a very big belly if and not if you only have a small soft pouch like I did
Just make sure that you don't plan to have any more kids in the future otherwise it's a waste of time

RocketQueenP Wed 11-Jan-17 14:45:08

thanks mini magpie

wow your surgeon sounds awesome! I think it would deffo be a mini one I would be looking at as its only my lower tummy that is the problem and I do not have any weight to lose ...actually I am slightly underweight!

it would be lovely if you could Pm me details please and also of where your sister went if that would be ok? I would consider abroad but only if it was highly recommended as have heard so many horror stories grin

and no I am deffo done with kids now haha x

thanks again x

StrawberryGiraffe Sun 15-Jan-17 22:32:23

Im a size 8 and to look at me in clothes you would think I had a good body. However I too had a c section and was left with some saggy skin and a pooch above my scar. I had a mini tummy tuck a few days ago now and although I am yet to see the full results, it was the best decision I made!

Feel free to pm me if you want any details!

ExpatTrailingSpouse Sun 15-Jan-17 22:40:30

not quite the same circumstances. my landlady a long time ago had a tummy tuck and lipo - after 3 kids she had been left with an enormous flabby pouch of skin that literally hung down and hid her privates (i kid you not, she actually pulled her pants down and showed me once before the op).

i will say, my main take away is that you will need someone to help you for a couple of weeks after. she couldn't sit or stand up by herself for at least a week after, and if i had not been her lodger, she would have been in deep shit. so if you have young kids, i would seriously rethink it unless you have someone who can help you all the time in that period.

i'm not sure if it's because she had the lipo too or the extent of the tuck, but she had a little fat bag that drained off and had to be left in until it stopped draining, and she also had to wear a full torso compression suit for 2 weeks i believe, and needed help getting in and out of it (which meant she showered very infrequently and had to pee in it too which was a bit grim). otherwise, she had no complications and recovery was generally straight forward.

RocketQueenP Fri 20-Jan-17 18:17:19

Starwberry you sound v similar to me! Yes I will pm you if that's ok x

Eeek that sounds horrific Expat I would absolutely hate that, I actually think I wouldn't go ahead if i had to do that after, would honestly be like torture for me. I had some veins zapped on my legs a while back and had to wear compression tights for 2 weeks and that was bad enough! And I was allowed to removed them to shower. I honesty couldn't do it

confuddledDOTcom Fri 20-Jan-17 18:36:07

Can I add a couple of questions?

How much weight did you lose?

You know that numb spot above your scar? What happens with that? Does it get smaller/ a new one appear?

ExpatTrailingSpouse Fri 20-Jan-17 22:13:27

rocket - bear in mind she could prob have showered more ... But aside from her and I, she only had cats in the house. I probably would have done it if she asked (she was a great lady) - I could have helped her in and out of it once every day ... But she didn't and I suppose I didn't think of it either. I wouldn't have been around enough to help her in and out for going to pee. So that's why I say you need someone to help you after.

Can you get a free consultation where you can ask what the up to date procedures and recovery are like?

RocketQueenP Sat 21-Jan-17 09:18:04

Ooh yeah Confuddled I wondered that re the delightful numb patch

Expat aww bless her, you sound a lovely tenant. Yeah I would definitely ask at my consultation.

Strawberry I have PM'd you x

confuddledDOTcom Mon 23-Jan-17 02:26:39

It stresses me out that I can't feel it. I've stabbed myself with my knitting needle and can't feel it. I hated that right after I rubbed my tummy when I was in pain and couldn't tell the difference between my pad and my skin.

sailawaywithme Mon 23-Jan-17 02:37:09

Interested in these responses, mine is scheduled for this Thursday!

RocketQueenP Tue 24-Jan-17 21:34:31

Yeah confuddled it's horrid isn't it sad

Sail away plse come back and tell us how you get on! Good luck X

abdimino Tue 24-Jan-17 21:53:39

Very recent tummy tuck (2 months ago) done for similar reasons to you OP. I am bigger than you, size 10. I had to have full TT because of scar etc.

Wish I had had it done years ago (first thought of it 15 years ago but money and life got in the way). It is a very tough early recovery, maybe three to four weeks. I couldn't have worked during that time. You need excellent, almost 24 hour support, for the first three weeks.

Personally I didn't drive for 5 weeks but we are all different. Still recovering and the tough times are very fresh in my mind. I would do it again in a heartbeat though. Mine cost getting on for £7k including everything.

For me it is an investment in me.

WorldsSmallestPatio Tue 24-Jan-17 21:55:02

I'm fat and wouldn't have one.

If I was slim and fit like you I definitely would !

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