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To book a birthday party in school holidays?

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peaCOCKness Mon 09-Jan-17 14:07:05

Hi all,

Looking for some advice really. My eldest daughter's 5th birthday is in February but falls in the half term holidays. She wants a paint a pot party - in your opinion would it be better to have it on a weekday on the day of her birthday or the weekend? What would be easier for you as a parent? It's not a whole class thing but I would love her friends to be able to come. Is it harder in the week with childcare/holidays etc? Or ok if planned far enough in advance?

HardofCleaning Mon 09-Jan-17 14:09:14

I think for me a weekend would be easier, I hate having to faff about after school and for my DS, 4 is always tired. Most birthday parties he gets invites to seem to be weekend mornings sometimes 10-12 which works well as it leaves times for the rest of the day. Not sure how other people feel though.

GreenTureen Mon 09-Jan-17 14:10:22

I wouldn't have a party in the holidays at all. Ds2's birthday always catches the Easter holidays and the couple of parties we've had then have had a dire turnout. People have all-day paid for childcare arranged, people go away, people forget - just not worth the hassle IMO.

I would do it on the Saturday after the last day of school so just before her actual birthday - then all the kids are in the day before and she can remind them etc and less chance people will be away or forget yet.

peaCOCKness Mon 09-Jan-17 14:11:49

I thought as much, thank you for your replies! I will go with the weekend after they break up smile

CheekyNandosChicken Mon 09-Jan-17 14:46:15

Lots of people end up forgetting. Definitely go for the weekend.

peaCOCKness Mon 09-Jan-17 15:12:31

Don't want that! Will definitely book weekend I think!

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