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To have developed a crush for professional basketball players?

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user1483966737 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:21:46

DH turned 50 last year and my lovely DS decided to treat him for his birthday. My son lives in San Francisco, so he flew I, DH and DD out there for my husband’s 50th. We stayed at his house for a week. It was the most wonderful holiday I’ve ever had. A week of absolute bliss. My sweet DS had been planning it for two years. The Bay Area is beautiful and vibrant beyond belief.

DS and DH are big basketball fans, and one night we went to watch an NBA game. DS had a special pass for the match, so we got to meet some of the players after the match. DH was as giddy as a kid at Christmas. Oh what a lovely experience that was! I’ll admit that when I was a teenager and a young woman, I was very vain; an absolute weak-in-the-knees sucker for athletic men. And the taller, the better. Basketball players are the epitome of tall and athletic. I had several photographs taken with the players. I’m 5’7, and the picture I had framed yesterday has me sandwiched between a player who is 6’7 and another who is 6’8. DD can’t stop laughing at the height disparity in the photograph – she says I look like I’m the players’ toddler daughter! I must say, watching those players play live and seeing their beautiful, gigantic bodies in the flesh ignited the old, young me.

Because of the time difference with the USA, DH doesn’t get to watch NBA matches live often. He usually records them and watches later. And now when he watches the recorded games, I like to annoy him in a playful manner by saying that I want to go on a date with whichever player I find sexy. He says I’m a pervert who likes young men.

Serge Ibaka - you'll be my DH in the next life!

RedHelenB Mon 09-Jan-17 13:31:06

Harry Enfield is springing to mind "young man"

KondosSecretJunkRoom Mon 09-Jan-17 13:36:39

I mean, I think it's a bit odd to 'crush' on all basketball players, simply because of their physique. I suppose it reduces those basketball players to that which you find attractive. But, I can't get too worked up about it.

icy121 Mon 09-Jan-17 13:40:32

My DP is a big NBA fan (bought BT TV especially for the BT Sport/NBA coverage). He records and watches the next day. Can't get that over excited about the men, but dp and dsd2 (9) watch it together which is a nice bonding thing. I got dsd2 a golden state t shirt with Curry on the back which she LOVES.

USA! USA! They do sport better!

BabychamSocialist Mon 09-Jan-17 14:23:29

I have a crush on many NFL players, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in particular - don't be ashamed!

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