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Train conductor took bribe

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Truckingalong Mon 09-Jan-17 08:05:27

On a train, woman with a dog, loud, outgoing, charming, bit quirky. Guard came for tickets. She asked him if she gave him a tenner, would he let her have a ticket for a pound (Durham to London). Unbelievably, he did. She was squealing with delight, kissed him and told everyone around her. He stuffed the money in his pocket and went on his merry way. I told her I couldn't believe that had just happened. She bellowed, oh fuck it, he's on low wages, who cares. WIBU to be shocked?

ChasedByBees Mon 09-Jan-17 08:07:01

shock gosh. What was he thinking?

BitOutOfPractice Mon 09-Jan-17 08:07:16

Pics or it didn't happen.

This is s story / joke awaiting a punchline / utter bollocks right?

bloodymaria Mon 09-Jan-17 08:08:30


EustaceClarenceScrubb Mon 09-Jan-17 08:09:03

Has he not got to tally up all his tickets issued against money taken at the end of the day? How will he account for a £1 ticket? I think he has taken a risk but I guess it is up to him. She was stupid to brag about it though.

VeryBitchyRestingFace Mon 09-Jan-17 08:09:40

I don't understand why she thought this was a good bribe, or why he'd accept it.

I may have to test her trick myself (aherm).

Truckingalong Mon 09-Jan-17 08:11:13

Well, I have no pics but I can assure you it did happen. No joke, no punchline. She had a rescue Pomerania dog with her and she was wearing a fur coat, if a detail or 2 matters.

angeldelightedme Mon 09-Jan-17 08:15:07

I doubt it because he will clearly be caught out when his head office look at the ticket sales

harderandharder2breathe Mon 09-Jan-17 08:17:09

Don't believe any train guard would risk their job for a tenner and the dog is irrelevant

BitOutOfPractice Mon 09-Jan-17 08:18:52

By embellishing the story further you are merely making it more ludicrous and unbelievable.

AstridLevinson Mon 09-Jan-17 08:18:57

How did that get past the computer controlled ticket machine?? And were you chatting to her? Sounds like plot of bad pinewood studios film!! 😆

FrancisCrawford Mon 09-Jan-17 08:20:44

Why is it relevant that she had a dog?

hesterton Mon 09-Jan-17 08:21:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SirChenjin Mon 09-Jan-17 08:21:24

YABU to believe that's actually what happened. Your story has more holes in it that Swiss cheese grin

BreconBeBuggered Mon 09-Jan-17 08:23:01

Someone's on the wind-up here. Possibly not the OP.

WizardOfToss Mon 09-Jan-17 08:23:25

Unbelievably is right grin

ChuckSnowballs Mon 09-Jan-17 08:28:21

Was it Emma Thompson?

KondosSecretJunkRoom Mon 09-Jan-17 08:32:12

That seems unbelievable.

I wonder if you were an unwitting participant in some kind of social experiment? <Straw clutching for England>

Truckingalong Mon 09-Jan-17 08:32:59

Oh wow, I've really never had anyone not believe me before! Ok, well, it really did happen. Really really. Why on earth would I make it up?! I'm neither making it up nor mistaken by what I saw and heard. I was sat right near her and yes, I was chatting a bit to her. She was chatting to everyone. God knows why he took it, God knows how he reconciled it. I've never witnessed any bribes taking place in the uk before in this kind of setting.

Truckingalong Mon 09-Jan-17 08:34:37

The dog isn't relevant. He was funny though. He was called something ridiculous like Tilly pompon but he used to be called coco Chanel. Honest. Really.

BitOutOfPractice Mon 09-Jan-17 08:35:19

Why would anyone make anything up on the interweb? You tell us op. Though chances are you don't really know why yourself. For lolz?

FannyWisdom Mon 09-Jan-17 08:35:53

Fucking dogs.
On trains.
And we are wasting time worrying about a conductor.

Anyway back to the point.

Shurrup telling tales OP.

Tall or not.

INeedNewShoes Mon 09-Jan-17 08:36:18

I wouldn't like to be him if the DM pick up this thread.

How he'd manage to print a Durham to London ticket for a pound on one odf those machines I do not know. Can any rail staff tell us if that's even possible?

There's also often a change of staff at York and the following the changeover another ticket inspection. Given that it hasn't been possible to get from Durham to London for £1 since about 1963 (guessing!) it'll look highly suspect.

Truckingalong Mon 09-Jan-17 08:36:29

No social experiment (well to the best of my knowledge). She was a charming chancer. Asked a guy to borrow his phone charger and then flirted outrageously with him, asking if he'd been in the sas cos he was so organised and could they clone him.

MackerelOfFact Mon 09-Jan-17 08:37:43

Maybe she already had a ticket and was just being mad 'charming'.

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