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To not really like going abroad?

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Zarachristmas Sun 08-Jan-17 18:04:47

Or maybe I'm going to the wrong places?

Ive been loads of times but I've only been to the Canaries, Greek Islands and Majorca. I have only enjoyed Greek Islands. Did go to France with school once too but didn't see much of it!

I don't like flying, I find it very cramped, tiring and boring. We did a night flight once and never again.

I'm fair skinned as are the dc so it's hard work keeping up with suncream and keeping out of the sun. Generally find the weather too hot during the hottest time, but too cold to swim during colder months.

I'm not keen on all inclusive buffets and hotel entertainment. Hate the crammed in feeling around the pool.

Dh would like to go abroad this year and I will go, also to give the kids the experience but I feel I should be more excited about it.

Past few years we've done short breaks in cottages in Cornwall and Devon and I've enjoyed that so much more, even in the rain we've found things to do. I've found some cottages with indoor pools on petting farms and with play areas for the dc. Dh doesn't feel it's a proper holiday because of all the driving which is fair enough.

I just love the UK for some reason, must be the greenery.

Is there anywhere a bit different but not too far away and still child focused. Thinking Cyprus, Italy, France?

I'd love to have a city break but no fun for the dc.

LindyHemming Sun 08-Jan-17 18:07:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Zarachristmas Sun 08-Jan-17 18:09:48

Oh gosh no way I'm staying home, I'd rather go and make the best of it!

notmaryberry Sun 08-Jan-17 18:10:59

I love Lake Garda in Italy, very child friendly and I love France, particularly the Dordogne, but it does get pretty hot. I can't stand UK holidays - too cold, too expensive and too similar to being at home (same shops, same food, same music, etc).

Birdsgottafly Sun 08-Jan-17 18:12:48

How old are your children?

It's always crowded during school holidays.

When I go AI, I only do five star and stay in RUI's, if I can. It's decent food.

Private Villa? I've just booked one for Christmas, because I'm going to Tenerife and don't want to be around the possible drunken crowds. We're going with a baby and children.

Deliaskis Sun 08-Jan-17 18:16:25

How old are your DC? We only have one DD who is almost 6, and have never done the package type holiday you describe (all crammed round pool, hotel buffet, entertainment etc.). It's just not for us, but we have fab holidays doing basically your Devon/Cornwall type thing...private holiday house, low-key sightseeing, local activities, pottering and discovering new places, but doing all of that abroad (France, Italy, Spain, Austria).

Decide on the type of holiday you want, then look for that in a new location. Holidays abroad don't have to mean the stereotype of the British package holiday.

bakingaddict Sun 08-Jan-17 18:16:57

You don't have to limit yourself to beach type breaks if you don't like them. Try European cities and get hotels with good swimming pools. Travel on the trains through European countries like Germany and Austria is always efficient and can then link you up to Hungary, Italy or the Balkans quite easily. We are travelling Austria, Slovenia and Croatia mainly by train this year

ChickyDuck Sun 08-Jan-17 18:16:58

If you don;t like the all inclusive hotel resort type deal (I think it sounds like hell personally...), why don't you rent a house/flat/villa somewhere abroad? That way it'll be a bit like your cottage holidays, but somewhere warm and sunny for you DH! Pick somewhere close to a town so there are things to do. Somewhere like Malaga is ideal for this as it is a genuine actual proper city, not just a tourist resort, and you can easily rent lovely properties on the beach, a short walk or bus ride from the town centre. It is also super close to the airport so travel time is limited as a bonus, and because it is the airport for estepona/toremolinos etc flights are cheapy cheap!

SallyInSweden Sun 08-Jan-17 18:17:12

How about somewhere cooler? There are fabulous parks and holiday home to rent all over Europe.

Scandinavia; Netherlands; France Germany; Switzerland Austria.

How far can the kids walk in a day if you decided to go hiking?

Zarachristmas Sun 08-Jan-17 18:21:25

I think I'm rubbing off on ds1. He's saying he's not bothered about going. He's decided he's scared of flying and he wants to go a k to St Ives (where we go every year).

The dc will be 9 and 2 so we are stuck with school holidays.

Maybe it's because we've always had to book cheapy package deals. Can afford something slightly better this time.

I don't really know where to start so we've ended up looking at slightly nicer package deals.

Jaytee38 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:46:02

Malta and Austria are both amazing. Loads to do. Plenty of nice walks in Austria. Jeep tours in Malta. Foods amazing in both.

DrDreReturns Sun 08-Jan-17 18:47:35

As pp said go somewhere cooler! Perhaps Scandinavia or Iceland?

Ifitquackslikeaduck Sun 08-Jan-17 18:50:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChocolateFuzz Sun 08-Jan-17 18:52:36

Try Poland, it's a lovely place, it's not too warm and there's plenty to do

Whatabloodyidiot1 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:56:58

God I hate those big 'pack em all in/all you can eat chips' hotels so I'm with you there! Full of sunburnt brits getting pissed at 10am.....
I prefer smaller, more luxurious family run hotels. The food is always better and the staff are lovely. Plus you can actually go out and see something of the country/culture you're in!
When we go to Italy we rent a farmhouse with a pool, that's one of our favourite holidays.

Bailey101 Sun 08-Jan-17 19:01:53

I love travelling, but hate the sort of holidays you've described! Try one of the adventure holidays companies, like trail finders, and see if you can put together a package that's away from the usual family destinations.

There'll be a holiday that you'll love, it's just a case of finding it grin

BratFarrarsPony Sun 08-Jan-17 19:04:23

I am the same. love travelling but would hate those kind of holidays and am not keen on flying.
One memorable year the kids and I inter-railed down to Greece and stayed on a campsite. It was fab.

NavyandWhite Sun 08-Jan-17 19:04:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

museumum Sun 08-Jan-17 19:05:08

Austria is lovely with kids. I love the mountains.

happypoobum Sun 08-Jan-17 19:14:32

How about Eurostar to France and a gite?

Zarachristmas Sun 08-Jan-17 19:22:58

I guess I should have said aibu to not like package holidays. I've never really tried anything else.

I wonder how I can persuade dh to try something different.

Time to do some research.

DailyMailFuckRightOff Sun 08-Jan-17 19:35:37

Why not try airbnb for a rental? Then buy the flights in good time and rent a car to get from airport to house/apartment.
For areas you could try the Guardian travel section - they often do 'top 10 European beaches for families' and the like.
I'm really not a fan of package holidays either, though have done a couple of 'small and friendly' type ones before.
Could you also try something like inntravel for a walking holiday? Or some companies do cycling and kayaking holidays in Europe, though obvs your youngest wouldn't benefit. Perhaps in the future though.

scottishdiem Sun 08-Jan-17 19:35:40

I hate package holidays but love travelling.

Eurostar and continental trains can be great - make it part of the holiday maybe? Overnight in a train to somewhere like Venice is good. Can do other Italian cities from there.

I am whiter than white Scottish (almost peely-wally - if that doesnt annoy the people on the Scottish Baby Box thread) so I get what you mean about suncream. I still have a couple of scars from my early teens and my first trip abroad to Spain. Burnt. To. A. Crisp.

But walking about cities does mean being more covered up and a chance to go into buildings to keep cool.

There are plenty non-package options for you. Perhaps even a combination - St Ives for a few days, drive to Plymouth and ferry to St Malo and do a bit of northern France?

jenpetronus Sun 08-Jan-17 19:39:48

Brittany is a lot like the West Country but more French. Overnight on the ferry, no flying and you've been abroad I might be a bit biased as we've lived here 13 years and have a gite here

The80sweregreat Sun 08-Jan-17 21:25:13

Keycamps are good value and very laid back.
You could drive if you dont like flying.
I do agree with you about holidays, been on a few with children in the past and its been hit amd miss, i hate hot weather and being exposed in a swimming costume lathered in sun cream when everyone else looks effortlessly cool and thinner than me. Flying anywhere is a pita. But dh and kids enjoyed it so i had to grin and bear it. I like being home and my own bed really!

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