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To want to walk out and never come home

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MummyEire Sat 07-Jan-17 21:36:48

7 days into the new year and I've had enough.

Today I had my manager humiliate me infront of everyone because I asked to leave work early to go home to DD who called me to say she's scared that's she's scared and just wants to die.

Then I had Dsis call me to ask when I'll be moving house so DM can move in with us . (DM is getting older and becoming less independent) .

At the moment I don't have the money and I need to focus on DD,DM moving in will only make things worse for DD and I'm trying to cut off family completely for mine and DD's sake.

I've had enough of all the stress and pretending I'm strong sad

BIgBagofJelly Sat 07-Jan-17 21:39:15

flowers. For what it's worth doesn't sound like you're "pretending" to be strong. I do hope you have some support network? Friends if not family? I know if even a less close friend needed me I'd be flattered that they reached out and be happy to lend an ear or do whatever I could to help.

SixtiesChildOfWildBlueSkies Sat 07-Jan-17 21:42:14

(((((big, big hug))))))) for you.

You don't need to justify your request to the manager, and you don't need to answer any questions from your Dsis. Re your mum, ask your Dsis what SHE intends to do about it. Don't accept it all being dumped on your head. .... but .all that's for tomorrow.

for kind to your self and your DD . Get under that duvet, rest your eyes, hug up to your DD and shut out the world. flowers

MummyEire Sat 07-Jan-17 21:50:43

Thank you both xx

Apart from friends in Ireland it's just myself,DD and family members we are better of without. Times like this make me feel so lonely,wish I could take all the hurt away from dd toosad this week has been awful,thought the weekend would be easier sad

madcapcat Sat 07-Jan-17 22:06:51

Nothing to add but big hugs from here too.

MummyEire Sat 07-Jan-17 22:07:06

Anyone? DD has locked herself in her room,now I'm worried she's hurting herself,I'm talking to her calmly outside the door but she won't answer,I can hear her crying. I want to cry myself but can't for DDs sake and my manager is still expecting me to come in tomorrow

BIgBagofJelly Sat 07-Jan-17 22:17:42

Would your DD be prepared to go to your GP either alone or with you? Is she getting any help from any mental health services. This sounds so difficult for you both. I hope someone with experience in this area will come along with some advice.

MummyEire Sat 07-Jan-17 22:27:19

She's going to speak to a CAMHs counsellor at school on Monday. In the past she's refused to talk to counsellors during session but she's agreed to talk on Monday.

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