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To complain to to my decorator?

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PurpleMinionMummy Sat 07-Jan-17 13:24:17

We had our hall decorated 6 mths ago. I asked for wipeable paint, specifically the dulux matt endurance, which is advertised as stain resistant, good for high traffic areas and will repeatedly wipe clean with no polishing up. Our decorator told me he buys trade paint, but that his trade paint was the same as the endurance, so I agreed with this and we cracked on.

Despite wiping gently with a slightly damp cloth we have marks that won't come off, paint that has come off completely showing the paint underneath, every area we have wiped successfully clean now looks lighter or in some cases darker (depends on the light/which way you are walking). Walking through the hallway all I see is a mass of different coloured patches of wall and it looks awful and needs repainting again already. We specifically got a decorator for the hallway due to the difficulty of doing the stairs so I'm quite unhappy as normally we just paint ourselves.

The decorator left the ends of the tins of paint and he used trade matt vinyl paint. Upon a bit of googling I have discovered the equivalent to the matt endurance is actually trade diamond paint. So he has not used the trade equivalent.

I do not have the paint specification in writing, only the colours we chose. But we had a very specific conversation about the wipable paint and I was very specific about needing something that was easy to clean as we have 3 kids and we all come in and out of the house in the hall, get squahed, knock against the walls etc.

Wibu to email him and complain? Is there any point when I don't have it in writing I asked for endurance paint?

sizeofalentil Sat 07-Jan-17 16:22:07

Yes - 100% complain. If you don't ask you don't get.

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