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BessieAndJim Fri 06-Jan-17 01:24:20

We live in a small villagey town, where accommodation to rent can be hard to find. We moved here from a large town in July 2015 and lived in that house for a year. Owners decided to sell, so we were in the shit as not many options. We eventually moved last July to a bungalow, built in 1960s/70s, it'd been empty for 2 years. Landlord is an old farmer who's quite affable but knows lots of work needs doing to the house (leaky roof, bathroom needs total redeco job as tiles are old and some are falling off wall; kitchen is all original from when it was built; kitchen sink housing needs replacing as mouldy and sh*t; damp in some rooms; the list goes on). When we were looking for a place to move to, this was the only place free with 3 bedrooms, so we had no choice really. It has a vast living room, which is quite nice to have but is hard to heat. the windows are all old-style and the glazing is not very effective.
I could go on, but my point is this: a lovely house, about 12 yrs old, has become available just up the road in the centre of the village. 4 bedrooms (1 with ensuite!); across road from gorgeous pub; beautifully appointed; new kitchen; lovely fresh deco; other kids live in the same terrace (as opposed to now which is retirement-home central); a bit nearer to dd's school; energy rating is 81%, so lower bills. And it's the same rental charge as where we are now, and we would get £275 back in deposit, as the deposit for where we are now was £900 and it's only £625 for the other house.
I haven't mentioned anything to dh or anyone, just asked dd what it's like living where there are no other kids, and whether she'd be happier with other children nearby - to which she said it's really boring and she would love to have playmates.
We really should move, right?

user1477282676 Fri 06-Jan-17 01:26:37

The only thing that might stop me would be the fear that the new house is more likely to be sold perhaps?

Is it possible to find out if they're planning on selling it soon?

BessieAndJim Fri 06-Jan-17 01:34:18

I don't have that worry.
a) Landlord of our current house had inherited it, and was actually going to sell it just before we took it as a rental. He had decided to avoid inheritance tax by hanging on to it for 7 years. We were told by agents that he was happy to let it to us if we were happy to take it "as seen", given the repairs that are needed. I interpret his stipulation of "as seen" as him not actually wanting to have to do anything to the place. He is aware of leaky roof, damp, kitchen sink probs, and we have been here almost 7 months - if he was bothered, and just fucking decent, he ought to be making sure it is a nice home for young kiddos, surely? I just get the feeling that he isn't going to do anything to the house. Makes me want to just get out.
2) The owners of the newer place are letting it on 6mo assured shorthold tenancy but ideally want longer-term tenants (stated in listing).

BessieAndJim Fri 06-Jan-17 01:35:09

JustanotherMortificado Fri 06-Jan-17 01:43:54

£625 for a 4 bed?! The going rate is £1000 in our village. TBH anything sounds better than where you are living but I wouldn't expect to get your deposit back from currant landlord as sounds like you have another 5 months left on tenancy?

BessieAndJim Fri 06-Jan-17 01:58:09

Mortificado - I am pretty sure that once the original 6mo tenancy was up (on Xmas Eve), it's on a rolling monthly basis after that. So we could give notice on 24 Jan and move out on 24 Feb.

pregnantat50 Fri 06-Jan-17 02:03:28

My friend comes from Shropshire, I am interested to know where retirement central is...I can guess its Copthorne area of Shrewsbury

didavluvlylife Fri 06-Jan-17 02:09:32

Give your notice and move. It's a no brainer! Good luck in your home xx

Seeingadistance Fri 06-Jan-17 03:24:56

Move! Why wouldn't you?

NC1nightstand Fri 06-Jan-17 03:25:03

Ooh it's beautiful and I would move in a heartbeat. I think a similar property in my neck of the woods easily be upwards of £850 a month. I hope you get it, good luck!x

flumpybear Fri 06-Jan-17 03:31:51

I'd definitely move!!

Lynnm63 Fri 06-Jan-17 03:44:05

Without a doubt I'd move.

FatalKittehCharms Fri 06-Jan-17 05:39:48

It looks lovely, I would secure it's probably going to be in demand if rental accom rarely comes up. Good luck!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 06-Jan-17 05:52:33


user1477282676 Fri 06-Jan-17 05:54:19

If you really want it, when you go to see it, have the agency's application forms downloaded, printed and filled in. Put them in a folder with photocopies of all your I.D. and financial details and hand the whole thing to the agent.

It will put you ahead of the other applicants. If you're nervous because it's liekly to have a lot of applicants, offer a bit more rent.

I did all these things just weeks ago in a similar situation and we got the property...very competative market here too.

icelollycraving Fri 06-Jan-17 07:53:39

I can't believe what a bargain it is. That would be double here. There is nothing to keep you where you are, total no brainier.

Lovewineandchocs Fri 06-Jan-17 12:03:35

It's lovely-definitely move! grin please come back and tell us if you get it (fingers crossed)

YelloDraw Fri 06-Jan-17 12:12:08

Why would you not?
Go for it! Good luck.

SolomanDaisy Fri 06-Jan-17 12:15:16

What's your dilemma? It seems obvious you should move.

fourandnomore Fri 06-Jan-17 12:15:59

Quick do it! I wouldn't waste any time, sounds like a great opportunity

poppym12 Fri 06-Jan-17 12:19:18

Do a bit of digging around to see if it's also for sale or has been for sale recently. Sometimes if a house doesn't sell, the owners rent it out but as soon as the market picks up, try to sell it again.

LouiseBrooks Fri 06-Jan-17 12:23:57

I'd move in a heartbeat. And you are so lucky to live in that area.

user1470997562 Fri 06-Jan-17 12:28:19

Go for it, it looks lovely. Yes it will cost you to move but will be worth it long-term. It will improve your standard of living overnight.

665TheNeighbourOfTheBeast Fri 06-Jan-17 12:28:24

Do you like competition ?
I have no idea why you wouldn't make this move and cant actually see any downsides
I have a very good idea why - if you had a property that hadn't let / sold - you would post it on here with a spurious back story just to get it in front of more people !
but its a single time opportunity in an area with ltd opportunities you have just stuck this in front of thousands of other people - thus making it hugely less likely you will actually get the you not want it? Whats putting you off ? are you prone to self sabotage ?

AyeAye Fri 06-Jan-17 12:39:48

A friend of mine in that area just shared it on her FB page and tagged three people who I suppose must be looking for somewhere...guess she's a mumsnetter...

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