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Who is BU? WRT sleeping naked.

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BeBe2017 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:15:47

One of us doesn't want the other one to sleep naked. Who gets final say?

RoganJosh Thu 05-Jan-17 18:17:03

Depends what the reasoning is I suppose? I can't see why H would possibly object to me being naked though.

BraveDancing Thu 05-Jan-17 18:17:22

Whoever's body it is. They decide if is clothed or not.

Sirzy Thu 05-Jan-17 18:17:53

Surely the individual gets to say how they sleep?

Ifitquackslikeaduck Thu 05-Jan-17 18:18:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Daisyfrumps Thu 05-Jan-17 18:18:57

The individual. But if their partner doesn't like it they're not obliged to share.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 05-Jan-17 18:19:00

What is the reasoning behind the non nudey's thinking?

BroomstickOfLove Thu 05-Jan-17 18:19:33

Everyone gets to decide about their own body, so the person who wants to sleep naked gets to sleep naked, but the person who doesn't like sleeping with a naked person gets to refuse to share a bed with them.

ElspethFlashman Thu 05-Jan-17 18:20:06

The naked person. Cos there's no earthly reason not to.

Even if it's a kids coming into the bed situation - the covers....cover!

BeBe2017 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:20:18

Ok, it's me who doesn't want him sleeping naked. I have suggested that if he wants to, we have separate beds (obviously still the same room) but he says no, as we are supposed to be in a relationship. He works until 1 am, doesn't have a shower when he gets in (waits until the morning) and I hate that!

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Thu 05-Jan-17 18:20:24

The one who wants to dictate what the other wears in bed is BU

I sleep in PJs. DH sleeps naked. Neither of us would dream of telling the other what to sleep in!

iklboo Thu 05-Jan-17 18:20:56

The individual- it's their body / choice. Imagine being forced to wear uncomfortable, restricting clothing you don't like. Any particular reason why the objection?

Jaagojaago Thu 05-Jan-17 18:21:51

It's quite clear -

1. Individuals decide if they will be naked or not

2. Individuals decide if they will share a bed with a naked person or not.

Flisstizzy Thu 05-Jan-17 18:22:15

What work does he do? If it's something that makes him sweaty or dirty he should have a shower before bed.

AmeliaJack Thu 05-Jan-17 18:22:25

I can understand not wanting him to get into bed sweaty/smelly but I'm not clear on why PJs or lack of them would make a difference to that.

iklboo Thu 05-Jan-17 18:22:44

Sorry, x-post. He'll still stink if he puts pjs on though if he doesn't shower - and they won't stop transfer of sweat or smell onto the bed.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 05-Jan-17 18:22:49

So if he had a shower, you would be OK with him sleeping naked?

Crumbs1 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:23:40

His choice - although open windows and make bedroom freezing to encourage nightclothes.

Soubriquet Thu 05-Jan-17 18:23:49


His body, his choice

If it bothers you that much, go sleep on the sofa

BeBe2017 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:25:30

Yeah, if he had a shower, I wouldn't care. I think wearing clothes does help, less dirt/sweat onto me/the bed.

No, I won't go on the sofa! I'll just buy an extra bed, but he will be bloody miserable about it.

AmeliaJack Thu 05-Jan-17 18:29:37

Ok so the rule isn't clothes/no clothes. It's shower/no shower.

I'm totally with you on that. My DH has a sporting hobby, he would never get into bed without having a shower first afterwards.

Why doesn't he have a shower - it would take two minutes.

Ragwort Thu 05-Jan-17 18:35:37

Have you got a spare room - just relocate; do you have to share a bed? Are you married, do you have children?

pointythings Thu 05-Jan-17 18:49:56

I'm the nudey sleeper out of us two and I'd always shower if I had done anything that would make me sweaty. So a day at the office wouldn't count (unless a very hot day) but out running definitely would.

slummamumma Thu 05-Jan-17 18:49:59

hhhmmmmm, interesting. my DP doesn't have a shower before bed and although not smelly, can be v grubby. have given up as he is so tired when he drops into bed that would rather him next to me and having had a good night's sleep. .. than knackered and clean!

Crinkle77 Thu 05-Jan-17 18:50:46

It bothers you that much that you want to sleep in a separate bed? I think you need to get over it. It's not that big a deal surely. Why do you get to set the bed rules anyway?

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