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To have let her stay off school again?

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Floofborksnootandboop Thu 05-Jan-17 10:35:52

DD2, 14, has had a real rough time with illness the past few months, she got a bad tummy bug and was off school for almost 2 weeks mid November then on the last day of school before Christmas she caught a cold, still went to school, which lasted until the day before NYE and then New Year's Day she starts being sick again and we find out a family we had spent a lot of time with over Christmas have all come down with Norovirus which of course DD has caught.

Yesterday afternoon had been 48 hours since last vomit/diorreha and she said she was felt fine to go into school for the first day back today. But when I woke up this morning she told me she hadn't slept all night and was now feeling really sick and achy, she hasn't been sick, and I know feeling sick and achy might just be a result of not sleeping, but with her having had a virus recently I didn't want to risk sending her into school.

I have a meeting that I can't miss so text DH to let him know she is home and could he pop in at lunch time to make sure she is okay and has something to eat. He's immediately on the phone saying I shouldn't have let her stay home, if she's really ill, which he doubts even though she was projectile vomiting only 3 days ago then school would've sent her home and they're going to think we are faking it because we forgot she was supposed to go back this week, DS2 is at their 6th form and has gone on today so hardly likely. I told him I wasn't going to risk it and have told schol she won't be in until Monday and explained she's had Norovirus, which the receptionist even said she shouldn't come back until 48 hours after all symptoms are gone, so if they want to think we are faking then so be it. He isn't happy and thinks we're going to get fined for our DD missing so much school 🙄

Even though I'm 98% sure I did the right thing letting her stay home, and 100% sure we won't be fined, have I done the right thing?
I'm not sure why I'm doubting myself, probably because DH is usually he more lenient and understanding one when it comes to having time off school yet this time he isn't... confused

Lasagna Thu 05-Jan-17 10:50:55

Yes. If she's has Noro virus and still has 2 of the symptoms no matter how good she feels otherwise then you was right to keep her home.

DS1s girlfriend, and him too now, has literally just had it. The first day she felt absolutely fine all day until about 7 when she ran to the toilet and was sick and then she still felt fine until the next afternoon despite filling the sick bowl she had 4 times during the night and then after that she was awful for about a day and a half then felt fine again and then got ill again for another day. DS had all the symptoms the first day his GF was ill and then felt fine the next day, I had to force him to stay home from work by calling up his manager and telling him his girlfriend has noro and he's had symptoms of it and his boss told him he had to take 3 days off only time I'd ever do anything like that and then that evening he got really ill with it but was fine by lunch the next day.

So please don't let her go anywhere until its well and truely gone. It's so contagious and awful to have even if it is only a 48 hour virus. You don't want to be responsible for passing it on to everyone.

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