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to have a night nurse

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doublerainbow31 Thu 05-Jan-17 02:23:18

so.... a celebrity has told the awful story of her son being dropped on his head by the night nurse. glad everyone is ok but slightly shocked people have day and night nurses. Now I know why celebreties with newborns look so good.

Pootles2010 Thu 05-Jan-17 02:35:31

Do you mean you want a nn, or do you mean you disapprove of them? I would bloody love one! I could be fast asleep right now...

Also doubt many celebrities do a 9-5, so you'd need overnight cover wouldn't you?

Out2pasture Thu 05-Jan-17 02:40:01

I thought she meant the hospital nurse on night shift. Sadly the little one suffered a fractured skull.
Was she in her own home with hired additional help?

doublerainbow31 Thu 05-Jan-17 02:54:33

own home with jelp. The accident is horrific and i feel for the n nurse and the family (n.nurse fell asleep with babe in arms). after 6 sleepless weeks just shocked to see people hire others to be the mum. now i understand why celebreties look so amazing after giving birth.

doublerainbow31 Thu 05-Jan-17 02:55:19

should say amazed rather than shocked.

Out2pasture Thu 05-Jan-17 03:00:32

Double if you include family, I'm sure there are lots of people who get overnight help the first weeks. My mom did it for me and I did it for my daughter. Several of my daughters friends had family stay months after their help specifically with night care, meals etc.

user1477282676 Thu 05-Jan-17 03:07:09

You're "shocked" people "hire others to be the mum" hmm

They don't.

They hire them to assist.

You're very ignorant. Some Mothers have bad PND or illnesses after birth.

waitingforsomething Thu 05-Jan-17 03:23:24

I'd have a third if I could have had help over night. As it stands I will stick with two because I find the first 6-8 months so bloody awful in terms of sleep.
YABU to say 'be the mum'. it is help not replacement, if I could have afforded it I would have, and I'm sure lots of other people would too.

tighterthanscrooge Thu 05-Jan-17 03:29:20

As a PP said if I had a night nurse I'd be asleep now!
My parents didn't have night nurses but did hire an aupair when me and my brother were younger as they were both shift workers (aupair didn't work nights, she worked during the day while both parents were at work)
Were my parents paying someone else to be the mum? You're post is ridiculous and quite offensive. Is my childminder being paid to be a mum to my DDs while myself and DH are at work?
Utterly ridiculous and goady towards working parents who simply cannot afford to or don't want to stay at home

steff13 Thu 05-Jan-17 03:33:27

I don't know who you're talking about, but if the nurse dozed off with the baby in her arms and dropped him, it sounds like something that could happen to anyone. I dozed off with all three of my kids in my arms when they were babies.

steff13 Thu 05-Jan-17 03:34:08

Not three at the same time, each individual kid when he/she was a baby.

coccolocco Thu 05-Jan-17 04:26:16

I have three children, I have no family living near me so are unable to help me out. My husband works full time and long hours, his job is one that requires him to have rested properly or it will put others lives at risk. My first child had severe allergies as a baby and therefore would get up every 20 minutes at night! It impacted both of us greatly. With my second child (because of my first childs sleeping habits) i hired a night nurse, she would do one feed at night. It was the best thing i did. I am a SAHM i see my children around the clock so if one feed at night doesn't make me a mother i don't know what does? I don't have one with my third as i don't need it however, people need to get help if they need it.

JerryFerry Thu 05-Jan-17 04:36:07

I had day and night nurses for 4 months. All paid for by local health board as baby cried a lot.

tighterthanscrooge Thu 05-Jan-17 04:54:41

I'm still up with DD2 and contemplating getting up for the day as there's so sign she's giving in, a night nurse sounds like a great idea at this point wink

44PumpLane Thu 05-Jan-17 04:59:28

YABU- I'm up feeding twins right now, after which I'll have to express for 20-30 mins.

I'd give my right arm for a night nurse to HELP me, not to replace me.
That's what we hire people for isn't it?! To help!!

BoomBoomsCousin Thu 05-Jan-17 05:09:16

I'm no celebrity, but we had a night nurse for the first two months, two nights a week. She was a godsend. I think she may have saved my marriage. If we hadn't had her, I may have been the one dropping a baby on its head, they were the only two night I got more than two hours sleep.

doublerainbow31 Thu 05-Jan-17 05:13:55

I definitely want one. Didnt realise it was an option.

Eastpoint Thu 05-Jan-17 05:17:06

Lots of families have maternity nurses, they work 6 days a week for 6-8 weeks and look after the baby. One family I know are still friends with theirs 16 years later, she is like an extra aunt now. You have to have a spare bedroom & a thick wallet but they can be a complete life saver. This agency explains what they do. They are paid £160-200 per day if there is one baby.

SmallBee Thu 05-Jan-17 05:38:34

I want one. I'm so tired I could cry.

raindripsonruses Thu 05-Jan-17 06:07:17

"Hire others to be the mum". Hateful expression.

lightcola Thu 05-Jan-17 06:11:57

I might consider being one (once I've stopped being one for my own)

Grumpbum Thu 05-Jan-17 06:13:00

Having a night nurse would be my only demand if I were to have a third.

G1raffePicnic Thu 05-Jan-17 06:15:52

I couldn't have imagined it with my first but so would with my second. I dont have family help and the support woukd have been amazing.

And yes it's one reason how celebrities can look so good, not exhausted etc! How the other half live!

HookandSwan Thu 05-Jan-17 06:20:23

A Night Nurse is hired to guide and support mum. There's nothing wrong with hiring help if you can afford it.

One person dropped a baby and that was a horrible accident but there are some amazing night nannies out there so don't let that put you off OP

G1raffePicnic Thu 05-Jan-17 06:25:03

(eta, I would have loved it, but no way could we have afforded it. You have to have serious money to afford a grand a week for help!)

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