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To be upset about DD losing baby teeth?

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Niaus267 Wed 04-Jan-17 18:42:32

Before I start, yes I know kids are meant to lose teeth smile. DD is 5, had all her teeth by the age of 2, and I know they fall out earlier if they've had them earlier, and generally in the order in which they get them. One bottom tooth fell out a week before Christmas, the other bottom middle on Monday. The adult teeth were sitting behind them, and have moved forward, so it's not as obvious. Tonight, one of her top middle teeth came out. Apart from it being a bit of a blood bath, it came out easily. Now, for whatever reason, I feel totally freaked out, shaky and really teary. I know it's normal. I know we've had her at the dentist's twice in the last few months to make sure everything is healthy. Yet here I am, trying not to lose it. Part of it is I think it looks awful, as unreasonable as that is. Part of it is the whole growing up thing. And another part is people with kids the same age or slightly older expressing surprise (I'm sure there intent isn't to make me feel I'm not looking after her teeth, but me being me, I end up second-guessing myself).

I miss her lovely smiles. I know she still has one, it'll just look different from now on in. My baby isn't a baby anymore.

AIBU to want to sit with a large bucket of wine and sob after she goes to bed?

DOTLEYtheONEeyedDINO Wed 04-Jan-17 18:50:51

DS got his teeth early. He lost them all early too! It's the way it goes. Yes it's a bit sad as they can look a bit goofy with a front tooth missing, but it's also cute. We make a big thing about the Tooth Fairy here. Age just 11 he recently lost his last 'baby tooth', so the Tooth Fairy did something special! Lots of his friends still have a lot of baby teeth left. Just have to make sure proper cleaning and dentist visits happen.

Rollonbedtime7pm Wed 04-Jan-17 19:38:46

I'm like this all the way through - at the moment, I am sad that the baby has 2 teeth because I miss her gummy smile, I love the 4 year old's perfect little white teeth (despite missing her gummy smile too when she got them!) Ditto for DS who at nearly 7 has lost his 2 bottom ones - now I miss his tiny teeth as much as I miss his old gummy smile! confused

Never happy grin

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