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Aibu to ask.. (Business related)

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SuzieWoozieBeauty Wed 04-Jan-17 18:08:32

Long time lurker first time poster. Posting here for traffic, apologies!

I'm starting up a new beauty therapy business from home. And I'm pondering on the idea of an "open day" the day before I officially open. This would involve free food; finger sandwiches, scones, cupcake type stuff, prosecco, juice, tea/ coffee. An open house type thing, and including it in my advertising.

I plan to have a goodie bag of prices and offers, a loyalty card with a first free stamp, and a couple of beauty tester pots like nice creams, mini soap, stuff I'm selling.

Now I'm starting to ponder the sense of that idea, as opposed to just opening and advertising that all new guests get the goodie bag, perhaps for the first week, something like that.

Aibu to ask what you think? The open day would cost money that could be saved/ spent elsewhere; but if it will help my business then I don't mind spending it.

Would anyone actually come to something like this?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 04-Jan-17 19:50:40

Rather than do an open day, can you do a pop up somewhere like a school fete/local market/hairdressers etc so that you can raise interest and you could do a goodie bag entry competition in return for joining your email mailing list?

I wouldn't go to someone's house for an open day but I do use my neighbour across the street who is a beautician. I go there so that I don't have to speak to extra people rather than having to meet lots of people in a small space.

Elllicam Wed 04-Jan-17 19:54:58

I think the open day sounds quite good but would depend if you could be sure of getting a good number of people to come. If you could canvas friends and family and see if they could bring a few people each then you would have a built in market?

SuzieWoozieBeauty Wed 04-Jan-17 22:06:08

Yeah I do think its a good idea Elllicam, it's just maybe there are better ways of getting the goodie bags out whilst getting actual business as people suggested above, and as also mentioned the issues around too many/not enough people. My family aren't massive beauty fans (though friends of theirs may well be), so I'm thinking based on my doubts, and others issues around it as previous posters mentioned, I think I'll go with a mix of my ideas and some of their brilliant ones. But thank you; I thought it was wonderful too and it's a shame, but the reality is I don't have many female friends, my family aren't massive nails and hair types, so I'd solely be relying on total strangers. Either lots of them or none!

Troll; I'm the same as you maybe that's where my doubts originated from; if I had a choice between an open day, or all the same perks one to one with an actual purpose of a treatment AND the goodies, I wouldn't go to the open day but would go to the goodie bag and treatment one to one.

I really appreciate all the advice and ideas, truly. I'm new to the business world so although I have many ideas, it's pinning down the more realistic and fruitful ones. If I had a choice, I'd have all my ideas including the open day. But that's not doable, unfortunately!

ChicRock Wed 04-Jan-17 22:11:57

So you don't actually have an existing client base? How many people do you have booked in during your first couple of weeks?

I don't think anyone will come to an open day at a home based salon if they don't know you already and have never visited you before.

I'd ditch the open day idea and the goodie bags and put that money towards your advertising budget or offering a discount to all new clients in the first month after opening instead.

SuzieWoozieBeauty Thu 05-Jan-17 05:48:15

Thank you chicrock. Noone is booked in and no I don't have an existing base. It's very much in it's infancy; these are ideas I needed advice on before I buy my final bits of equipment, and begin advertising, as I would have needed to buy things for an open day, and included it in advertising. So needed to know now. That's how early days it is! Have most equipment now, especially the big stuff, but not even began to advertise yet.

Having said that, I can afford to stick to goodie bags and advertising quite easily. But everyone is right about the open day. Which would have been more costly and better spent elsewhere!

Thanks for the advice everyone smile flowers It really is much appreciated and the plan is to; offer goodie bags and prosecco to booked clients only, for the first week, and a prize draw for a free treatment.

As for advertising that's a whole other ball game I'm working on, but I think that's pretty much sorted.

Thank you!

soloula Thu 05-Jan-17 09:55:31

It doesn't cost much to get some advertising. Get on Facebook, create a business page and get some promos going (100 likes or something and a free whatever) to get a bit of interest going and get your name out there. And even if your friends and family aren't into beauty stuff I bet they know folk that are so pester them to share your page. Offer some freebie treatments for a review on your page after.

Birdsgottafly Thu 05-Jan-17 10:00:23

Who is your target audience?

What treatments are you offering?

I know that Prosecco is 'all the rage', but it's not great for your skin/looks and I (and everyone that i know) lose respect for their beauticians/slimming coaches, trainers, when they offer something counter productive to what the client wants to achieve.

Birdsgottafly Thu 05-Jan-17 10:01:38

Just to add, I found the Woman that I use on FB, so do my DDs 19-31 and their friends.

pinkdelight Thu 05-Jan-17 10:10:46

I think that people who use that kind of home beauty service tend to have busy lives so the last thing they'd want to do is go to your house and hang out with strangers, however nice you and the sandwiches are. definitely better to save the money and effort and do a discount offer and goodie bags for first appointments, spreading the word on social media etc.

SuzieWoozieBeauty Thu 05-Jan-17 10:29:06

I think being offered a glass of prosecco is fine. Its one glass which won't affect anything, and is much the same for your skin as tea/coffee, in terms of dehydration etc; and all salons I have ever been to have offered me tea and coffee. I will also offer water, organic juice and decaf. I don't personally drink, and I wouldn't push it on anyone. It's merely an option from a decent list. Gel nails dry nails out. Spray tans dry skin out. My clients are aware of what their treatments do; I'm not a health therapist nor trainer. But I appreciate the Facebook comment. I am a bit wary of it (although will of course use it to the fullest) but it's a relief to know people do find their therapists on there!

Yes that's pretty much my plan soloula, although I would also like my own website and business cards, leaflets, etc. also, although these are not expensive either on vista. Good idea about pestering family haha! They have offered their help anyway and are fully supportive.

And thank you pinkdelight too; whole heatedly agree now myself and that is the plan of action!

SuzieWoozieBeauty Thu 05-Jan-17 10:36:51

Oh; the prosecco is a first week thing by the way. Not an every appointment for all time thing. Not sure I made that clear? More a "come celebrate, get a one-off-cheap but quality treatment, some freebies" type thing. Although to be honest, most people will be driving to me so it's really not a main focus in any sense of the word. And certainly isn't counter productive to gel nails or a pedicure grin although wouldn't be offered for waxing because alcohol causes more than usual bleeding. Of which the client will be informed should they ask for prosecco grin

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Thu 05-Jan-17 18:23:30

Realistically a lot of people will drive to yours so they won't be able to have a glass anyway.

Maybe a glass of non alcoholic schloer or similar.

So long as you're in an area where there is demand, so long as you are keenly priced you should get clients.

SuzieWoozieBeauty Thu 05-Jan-17 18:33:37

Thanks troll. My thoughts exactly. There is far more option (in my plans) for non alcoholic than otherwise. Just an option. Not even one to massively focus on really. The treatments are my main goal. Getting them in!

Prices are average, with lots of offers and such, and I'm in a small town, so those areas covered. Thank you smile

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