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To ask your coping strategies for going NC with family

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chipauchoc Wed 04-Jan-17 10:22:22

My family dynamics are messed up, parents divorced when I was 8, it split the family in two. All children (3 including me) had a very strained relationship with DM. In latter years I became closer to DM and we now have a good relationship. However because of this DB, DS and DF have cut me out and have gone NC. I'm hurt, angry and can't believe how heartless they could be to me especially as they went NC at a time when I was very vulnerable (dealing with bereavement of my late DP). This was a year ago and I am still very hurt and angry and whilst I don't want them in my life I can't help feeling ganged up on and victimised. I'd love to hear some coping strategies on how to stop myself from feeling like the victim, make myself get a grip and stop giving a fuck. My anxiety is through the roof and it's driving me crazy.

allowlsthinkalot Wed 04-Jan-17 10:38:39

My position is different in that I went NC with family. But the main thing for me is accepting that they WILL continue to say all manner of things about me and see me as bad / disturbed / mentally ill but I can't control that and just have to let it happen.

Also realising that we can grieve having a family but it's for the family we didn't have, and the way things could have been. Not for the family we wish we had.

And taking responsibility for our own happiness.

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