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To be shocked at the price of this filling?

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CountessDaveula Wed 21-Feb-07 11:40:54

DD is 4. A couple of years ago i noticed one of her back teeth was dicoloured in the middle. Went to the dentist and they said it had not formed properly and that it may decay in the future as it was weakened.

This morning she complained of toothache, so I took her to the dentist (not my usual one as they were full, just an ordinary one up the road, nothing flash)

They charged me £154 for a filling
She was in there less than half an hour and had gas and air and a white filling, no injections, no xrays...

Is this normal?

Bozza Wed 21-Feb-07 11:43:30

I wouldn't expect to pay anything for a child. Do you have to pay for them at private dentists?

throckenholt Wed 21-Feb-07 11:44:26

nhs price is about £40 I think for a filling (children should be free I think).

I would think that is pretty steep if I were charged it.

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 11:44:40

That is pretty pricey, but private treatment fees are set by individual dentists. Always get a written quote upfront is my advice. For a largish white filling on a back tooth we would charge a maximum of £70 at my old practice.

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 11:46:02

White fillings aren't avaliable on the nhs (only on front teeth). A child having nhs treatment wouldn't have to pay. An adult having a filling on the nhs would be charged £42.40

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 11:47:03

Private dentists charge for children. On the nhs you don't pay for a child because the nhs pays the dentist, privately there is no 3rd party to pay for the child.

Eleusis Wed 21-Feb-07 11:55:22

I took DD to a dentist (NHS) a couple of months ago because I noticed her front top tooth was grey (shock, horror, looks awful). I was told she probably bumped it, it was dead and will probably fall out. Anyway,while we were there the dentist said she had quite deep grooves (for lack of a better word) in her teeth and that could promote caveties. So he filled then a bit with white filling.

Charge: 0

Did you go to a poncy private dentist?

Eleusis Wed 21-Feb-07 11:56:24

Oh, and more importantly, did you get to wash out your potty mouth?

sandcastles Wed 21-Feb-07 12:03:55

If it were a private dentist, yes sounds reasonable.

They would have charged you for

Emergency Appointment
Gas & Air

CountessDaveula Wed 21-Feb-07 12:15:48

Yes it is a private dentist
My dentist is private but they have an nhs person who comes in and does the kids, however he wasn't in today and as she was in pain I had to go to whichever one could fit her in this am

I still think it is VERY expensive!

sandcastles Wed 21-Feb-07 12:21:44

A private dentist I worked for would have charged 100gbp just for the emergency appointment. Gas & air, can't comment as we never used, but a filling in a child around 60-80gbp depending on tooth/size of fil.

I would never suggest seeing a private dentist for treatment without asking for a quote first.

There is no 'body' that determines how much a private dentist can charge. I think you are lucky you didn't get a bigger bill, ime.

WanderingTrolley Wed 21-Feb-07 12:22:19

£154 for a filling?

My God, what did they fill, her entire head?

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 12:23:53

04st be chea- then [gr5n]

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 12:24:37

N6 5dea what 5s g65ng 6n w5th 0y 2eyb6rad.

Eleusis Wed 21-Feb-07 12:30:21

What language are you speaking, COV?

Eleusis Wed 21-Feb-07 12:30:47

I'm just kidding, your num lock is on.

ComeOVeneer Wed 21-Feb-07 12:43:34

Oops sorry, I left the room for a moment and ds fiddled with the laptop. Didn't know what he had done so did my usual very technical solution. I turned the computer off and then back on again.

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 12:58:10

not had a chance to read whole thread,

<<what is it with being called dave at the mo>>>>


i had a filling yesterday, private dentist...cost me £45 including scale & polish, and it is a white filling...

£154 sounds steep..mind you i am in the north west..

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 12:59:16

not an emergency appt, but when i had an emergecny appt and filling, think it was £70 and that included a temp filling for one week, so that was for two appts and a white filling

CristinaTheAstonishing Wed 21-Feb-07 13:00:24

I had a filling a couple of weeks ago. It was £90. I had an injection but not X-rays.

The dentist I go to charges £110 for new patients, just check-up, so with a filling it might go up to £154, who knows? He's started charging for children too, but I think it's cheaper, "only" £40. I'll find out next when DS has an appointment. My Dh too. We'll be skint.

£154 sounds very expensive for a child. A friend of mine who is a dentist was saying she thinks it's fair dental services should be charged as they're not essential. Madness.

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