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Lost suitcase-someone else taken it

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Rory786 Tue 03-Jan-17 20:16:40

Arrived at Heathrow on the 30th Dec, waited 2 hours before finally realised my suitcase wasn't there and prob someone else has taken it in error.

Problem is I travelled with a really crappy airline PIA who are notoriously bad with customer service, they NEVER answer the phone.

AIBU to go and visit their office OR should I wait a bit to see if it turns up.
SOOOO frustrating. Anybody know what my rights are?

JojoLapin Tue 03-Jan-17 20:27:26

We are the 3-01... About time to contact them about your lost suitcase, if it was going to turn up, it would have happened already. Try the normal route 1st for contacting them. Some companies have a good rep for customer service where they are in fact rubbish, maybe the opposite is true. If they are not helpful, you can always upgrade yourself to a social media complaint. Good luck.

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