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To want to get a nose job

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Catbell82 Tue 03-Jan-17 17:58:03

I have a typical 'Greek' nose & have wanted to get it straightened since I was about 15 years old (now 33). It's bothering me more as I get older. We are reasonably financially comfortable but worry that family/friends will think I'm being selfish & that we should spend extra cash on DC, holidays, extra payments on mortgage, new car (we don't really need a new one but would like extra boot space), etc. DH said whilst he doesn't think I need one, he understands my insecurities about it & that its my decision.

Am I being selfish or should I not care what other people think??

cheeseslovesme Tue 03-Jan-17 18:49:37

If you can afford it then go for it! I too had a nose I hated, That was over 15 years ago now. I did some research on surgeons that specialised in that field. When I was happy with the surgeon I booked an appointment, Discussed what I wanted and went ahead with the surgery, It was the best choice I ever made, I have no regret at all. It is your life and no one else's
and your choice. It gave me much more confidence as well.

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