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AIBU to be annoyed at people who scoff at things whilst offering to alternative?

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MissStein Tue 03-Jan-17 16:44:24

In life in general be it work, family, politics etc. I know a few, who will talk any idea down as shit, but giving no alternative. They have nothing constructive to offer. These people bug me. Surely that not unreasonable grin

LunaLoveg00d Tue 03-Jan-17 16:46:37

There are a lot of people who dismiss all sorts of things as "shit" because they think it makes them cool to do so. Television is shit, music is shit, travelling overseas is shit, etc etc etc.

Not the most interesting people to be around, imho.

MissStein Tue 03-Jan-17 16:59:05

True, none of these people are people id choose to hang around with. I could just about even accept that they dismiss certain things as shit, its all subjective after all but its the shooting things down with noting else to add. Why even offer such a negative perspective.

FatGreen Tue 03-Jan-17 17:06:01

I hear you, OP. While most of our village was scoffing about my efforts being a waste of time, I and a few other people managed to have three housing developments (in places no one in the village wanted, with laughable affordable housing provision, on agricultural land of archaeological interest) quashed, and a cancelled crucial local service reinstated. The response from one acquaintance too apathetic to even sign the petition was 'Oh, but you'll lose in the end, eventually.'

PintofLagerandAPacketofCrisps Tue 03-Jan-17 17:54:22

I dislike people who will say everything is shit, and when you ask them why, they don't really know. complete fucking divs

TheNaze73 Tue 03-Jan-17 18:09:38

YANBU. The one most annoying are the sign my petition types, who offer no solution to funding their propsal

AndShesGone Tue 03-Jan-17 18:12:32

Uhuh. hmm yep, I agree.

All day I have been handing over wallpaper colours on my phone to dh. He didn't like any until I decided to say 'do
You prefer this one or this one'.

I now have 6 agreed wallpapers in my basket.

PippaFawcett Tue 03-Jan-17 18:15:01

This is my working life all day every day. I now say, 'what would you prefer?' to people critiquing my work. Not once has anyone come back with something, many people just like to criticise.

Birdsgottafly Tue 03-Jan-17 18:17:07

Start a thread on All Inclusive holidays and you'll have loads of Posters saying they're shit, even though they've never been on one.

Boot cut jeans according to the S&B lot "look shit on everyone", but the 'new flares' are a good look.

You'd be insulting sheep to describe them as such.

BrightRedSpinner Tue 03-Jan-17 18:42:44

YANBU, I've worked with a few. I call them 'can't do people'. Really bloody annoying.

MissStein Tue 03-Jan-17 19:58:16

Cant do people - i like it, im stealing it grin.

BrightRedSpinner Wed 04-Jan-17 09:23:48

You're welcome gringrin

PodgeBod Wed 04-Jan-17 09:42:59

This is one thing that really annoys me. It's always from very passive people who expect things to be arranged for them. If you didn't want to pick a route/restaurant/holiday destination/new car, don't criticise the one I did pick!
Now I say "less problems, more solutions please!" And I know I sound like a dickhead grin but it seems to focus the criticisers.

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