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Toddler nursery

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Greydays Tue 03-Jan-17 16:26:32

My son is 3 in February and im wandering if im being unreasonable thinking i should pay for him to start nursery as soon as he is 3, for two afternoons a week, which will be for 4 weeks before he starts 5 afternoons, to sort of break him in a bit, because the most he has done previous to this is baby groups with me. I worry about him being thrown in the deep end doing 5 afternoons a week and maybe wrongly thinking if i get him in straight after his birthday it will get him used to it. Would the nursery give him a few days previous to starting every afternoon to kind of get a feel for it or am i right in thinking it would be straight to it, any advice would be great and keep changing my mind ascto what would be best, tia x

MeredithsTequila Tue 03-Jan-17 16:33:59

Your nursery should help you to organise settling in sessions. I agree it would be a lot for him to try and do 5 afternoons straight off the bat.

Remember they pick up A LOT of bugs in those first weeks.

ExhaustedandScatterBrained Tue 03-Jan-17 16:38:57

My 2 year old is starting nursery next week. They do phased hours the first week, an hour with a parent. The next day an hour on their own then the third day its straight in to the full 2.5 hours. I asked about 5 morning being too much and they said they find it works well, obviously all children are different and you know yours best.

Greydays Tue 03-Jan-17 18:24:19

Ah that sounds good exhausted 😀think i will ring and ask if they do that kind of thing, thankyou for your replies x

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