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Any opticians/optometrists - aibu re. Children's eye tests

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BrightRedSpinner Tue 03-Jan-17 08:07:19

Rather a boring one but aibu to take my kids to the lovely local optician for eye tests but then take the nhs voucher and prescription to spec savers to get the actual glasses since the local one only stock expensive designer frames that I really can't afford (not even the cheapest ones)?
Do they get money for doing nhs kids sight tests? Is it worth their while? Or should I go to spec savers for the test as well?

wifeyhun Tue 03-Jan-17 08:21:20

Yes they get paid when they send the sight test forms off. Think it is about £21.

DailyFail1 Tue 03-Jan-17 08:25:38

Why not just take them to Specsavers in the first place for the test?

TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey Tue 03-Jan-17 08:28:10

The money an independent makes for an eye test doesn't really cover their tie. They make their money through the sale of glasses. If it's for children's glasses though the ones they have there shouldn't set you back that much. It's only the frames you pay for and they should have some that may only set you back 10 or 20 quid. You get money off the frames too I think. If you get your test from the independent one they cannot stop you going elsewhere for the glasses but they may refuse to test next time. I always take my DCs to the independent now. I have taken them to specsavers before but the test is more thorough at the independent.

FeckinCrutches Tue 03-Jan-17 08:30:07

We do. Just out of interest, why do you go to the independent for the eye test and not Specsavers?

minisoksmakehardwork Tue 03-Jan-17 08:34:09

We just take ours to specsavers. But even the independents have similar glasses which are covered on the NHS voucher. The only reason we don't use them is they wanted to charge for the dc's lenses being thinned and we discovered the vouchers (from hospital) we were given were more than ample to cover the cost of thinning as well but the independents refused to accept it when we showed them the evidence.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 03-Jan-17 08:34:52

just do the whole thing in specsavers, they do have real, properly qualified optometrists.

Mari50 Tue 03-Jan-17 08:38:40

Your opticians hate you. Sorry to be blunt. They get 'paid' for the test but not enough to make it worth their while without the additional income of the specs sale. Specsavers however, love you and wish everyone was like you.

PberryT Tue 03-Jan-17 08:47:14

Specsavers opticians are crap. They didn't find anything wrong with my vision despite me wearing glasses for 4 years before. They also didn't spot that my eyes need a prism to focus properly. Bunch of computerised charlatans.

minisoksmakehardwork Tue 03-Jan-17 08:57:48

To be fair, not every specsavers is brilliant. Our nearest one is. The staff are lovely and I've been in there that many times we're on good terms (3 dc and self in glasses, twins since 8 months). But the first one I used couldn't have cared less and didn't want to listen to me when I was passing on a request from the hospital. Thankfully the nearest one opened by the time dd1 needed her second pair of glasses and we haven't looked back. They're used to seeing me on a pretty much weekly basis with the children needing lenses put back or glasses reshaping!

suchafuss Tue 03-Jan-17 09:10:52

Do not use Specsavers for sight test!! They tested mine and I bought new specs. Two weeks later had a hospital appointment and I had cataracts and needed surgery.They never even mentioned this to me!

SpottedScarf Tue 03-Jan-17 09:25:20

no problem whatsoever - it's totally your choice. I've worked in optics for a few years and this is a regular occurance.

Totally agree with Della. Every optical practice has qualified optometrists. Of course you can get tests which you may not be happy with, but this can happen at any opticians, and it is not limited to specsavers.

DailyFail1 Tue 03-Jan-17 09:39:06

True mini - I've used Specsavers in several places since I was 18 & and all of my family use them. I found them brilliant tbh when it comes to kids. I haven't seen a difference in the quality of their eyetests vs independents.

BrightRedSpinner Tue 03-Jan-17 13:07:01

I go to the local one because it's close and can walk to it with 4 young kids - and they are very kind and I feel like the test is very good and thorough.

They really are all designer frames - ray ban and the like. I really cannot afford to buy there, when the cheapest frames they have are £40 and I can get 2 sets free at spec savers (one for school one for home). It's in an affluent area of London in case anyone disbelieves the pricing.

Maybe I'll try specsavers for the test this time, but it means taking the kids on the bus which is a pain. I don't want to take the piss though.

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