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to be so nosey that I want to know who here has a collection of sex toys???

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BarbieLovesKen Tue 20-Feb-07 23:17:32

well am I? or just wondering is it "normal" to have a little collection? is it for rather exciting-in-the-bedroom, kinky people or is it a bad sign, is it for people whos sex life has become rather (or sooo) dull that eachother is just not enough and the need for an intervention and something to "spice things up" is required? I ask because, well im nosey, plus I may have overspent at a recent anne summers do and wondering is our sex life doomed or am I just a saucy bi**h?

SherlockLGJ Tue 20-Feb-07 23:18:12

QueenEagle Tue 20-Feb-07 23:19:26

Yes you're a nosey old cow!

No it does not mean our sex life is boring - quite the opposite in fact!

I have a bedside cabinet full of various toys both for mine and dh's pleasure. Every now and then they get brought out just for a bit of a change.

Do you want a list?

wotzsaname Tue 20-Feb-07 23:20:41

Im sure there will be a reality TV show about it soon on Adult Sky. "Wife and Sex toy Swap'. Check your TV guide.

QueenDave Tue 20-Feb-07 23:20:45

Radar up and running is it, LGJ?

You are not unreasonable to want to know.

certainly impertinent for asking though....

estatebabe Tue 20-Feb-07 23:20:55

I've got a friend who delights in letting everyone know the arsenal of toys she has in the bedroom. imo each to their own, but its private isn't it?

FluffyMummy123 Tue 20-Feb-07 23:21:14

Message withdrawn

BarbieLovesKen Tue 20-Feb-07 23:22:36

ah sure yes! go on so....ha ha!
Why Sherlock? sorry if ive offended!! just having a laugh..

Stiller Tue 20-Feb-07 23:23:30

Who cares what anyone else has got hidden in their underwear drawer?

SherlockLGJ Tue 20-Feb-07 23:25:41

QD the radar is up and running but not in a Yorkie bar type of way, but it is a very .........em forward question, and I am not convinced.........

I have been here what feels like... forever and I would not dream of asking a question like this.

BarbieLovesKen Tue 20-Feb-07 23:25:49

I don't care Stiller! just purely being nosey and bored!! ooopps... dont think I should have asked.. sorry folks!

nappyaddict Tue 20-Feb-07 23:40:33

oh and here i was ready to answer ... glad i read the thread first and discovered no one else had divulged.

BarbieLovesKen Tue 20-Feb-07 23:43:10

Oh God, I feel really bad, hoping for this thread to die, read loads and loads before that I would consider way more inappropriate and didnt think it would have been a problem... shit

nappyaddict Wed 21-Feb-07 00:26:35

i don't think this thread is a problem ... why do you think that?

Stiller Wed 21-Feb-07 00:33:20

BLK - I've made much bigger mistakes on mumsnet, so to even things up I have a rampant rabbit hidden in my knicker drawer. And to punish myself to the max, I'll admit to using it much more often now that ex-p has moved out.

I still don't think I've redeemed myself so I'm off to find other threads on mumsnet where I can humiliate myself further.

Tortington Wed 21-Feb-07 00:48:48

its a sure sign your wife thinks your dick is too small.

kitbit Wed 21-Feb-07 13:53:12

I sell 'em for a living and no, it doesn't necessarily mean there's any deficiency in the extra curricular activities department! Usually that people want to play and experiment, mostly together. Sex is meant to be fun after all! There are loads more things available than just vibrators and rabbits, some of the things available would make your toes curl (I only sell gorgeous, feminine, tasteful toys that particularly appeal to girls, but there are plenty of websites around that do er...stronger stuff!) so...if anyone wants to know anything about toys ask away!

<also half hoping thread might die as not sure if exposing myself as purveyor of naughty accessories is going to be a good or a bad thing!!! eeek>

DonnyLass Wed 21-Feb-07 13:57:05

Don't worry about asking.

Is sex really such a big deal to elicit embarrasment ... this is Mumsnet ... we all got here through ... having sex ... after all.

Doesn't mean one has to answer of course ...

FioFio Wed 21-Feb-07 13:58:00

Message withdrawn

DonnyLass Wed 21-Feb-07 13:59:13

But I'd warrant that most people DO have a naughty drawer/matchbox/etc.

It's natural and healthy to be curious and play. As long as noone gets hurt (unless that's yer bag too).

Keep it (reasonably) clean ...

BarbieLovesKen Wed 21-Feb-07 14:34:52

lol at fiofio! oh thank you so much ladies, for taking it with a pinch of salt!.

Kitbit, is'nt it lovely to have a job thats a bit "different"...

Im afraid to say anything more about (whispers) sex....

DonnyLass Wed 21-Feb-07 14:36:57

Sexual intercourse began in 1963
Between the end of the Chatterly ban
And the Beatles first LP

DonnyLass Wed 21-Feb-07 14:38:02

It's a bit annoying when your cleaner finds your vibro under your bed and neatly places it on the bed tho.

She could at least put it back in the drawer tidily ffs

Rhian101 Wed 21-Feb-07 14:39:01

What's a sex toy?

BarbieLovesKen Wed 21-Feb-07 14:47:49

ah Donnylass- lol - your joking!
A friend was telling me last week that her little girl brought her mammys one down to the kitchen to ask what it was , only thing is - the inlaws, grandparents and aunts were all just sitting down to tea.

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