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user1473872482 Mon 02-Jan-17 10:01:21

My cousin has this morning told me that her mum has been weeing blood and she is taking her to the A & E local hospital. Her mum in September had the same problem and had to stay in hospital and have dialysis. As my Auntie is going in again today I am very worried about her as one of her kidneys is working 40 per cent. She does have regular check ups at the doctors and the hospital. Is it likely that she will have to have dialysis again or could it be treated in any other way?

anahata Mon 02-Jan-17 10:54:49


I have serious kidney issues myself. Anyone with any kind of kidney damage will be far more prone to kidney infections. These infections can easily cause urine to have blood in.

It's definitely best that she's checked over, especially given her history. It may well be that it's a simple infection that just requires antibiotics.

Please keep us posted. I adore my Aunt so would be so worried if it was her.

Sending love and positive vibes.

user1473872482 Mon 02-Jan-17 13:08:22

Just text my cousin and she says her mum has a very bad kidney infection and is waiting on some tests so hopefully it's a case of antibiotics

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