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To ask what you're up to tomorrow?

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goingmadinthecountry Mon 02-Jan-17 00:17:18

Just me and 12yo dd (dc4). Dh and others busy - it's our last day of freedom before school. We live in the middle of nowhere, weather forecast horrid. I don't like country living anyway. Bog all to do in the rain.

Anyone out having fun in London? Will it be open? (Obviously I am aware I can google various places - just mean will it be worth the train fare) All inspirational ideas gratefully received!

Janey50 Mon 02-Jan-17 00:26:24

I have got a lovely,long journey all the way to Grays in Essex. I am picking up my 10 year old DGD from her other DGM as my DD and her DH are both at work. I live in west London,near Heathrow,so it's a bus, then tube train,change to another tube train,then overground train. Takes roughly 3.5 hours each way! But,it's not like I have anything else to do, so I don't mind at all. And I'm looking forward to seeing my darling DGD again after 2 she's been away for 2 weeks.

WorraLiberty Mon 02-Jan-17 00:31:36

Taking down the Christmas decs

Will probably cook DH his favourite meal as I haven't cooked since he broke up from work 16 days ago and he's back to work on Tuesday blush

Probably a deep clean of the house as the decs have come down.

In all honesty I'll probably end up doing fuck all as I'm not back to work until Thursday, but that's the plan grin

DailyFail1 Mon 02-Jan-17 00:33:24

I'll be going window shopping and to see the lights. So Oxford St. Then maybe covent garden for lunch.

HerRoyalFattyness Mon 02-Jan-17 00:37:46

Trying to stop myself from bursting into tears every time I look at my ex who will be here to see the dc.

Birdsgottafly Mon 02-Jan-17 00:50:21

Hopefully taking my GC to the park, if it's not to cold and then my youngest DD is helping me do bits in the house.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 02-Jan-17 01:16:26

Just going to see my dad for a few hours. Nothing exciting

frazzled74 Mon 02-Jan-17 01:20:36

Go to London for the day, will be a lovely spontaneous day out and memory. If you don't go, you will probably spend the day dusting and pottering which will not be memorable.

mummy2be30 Mon 02-Jan-17 08:04:44

Staying with my parents in Cornwall, will be going to the beach with them and DH and DS for a nice walk, then a date night later with DH for a meal whilst GPs babysit smile

divinemintthins Mon 02-Jan-17 08:07:07

I am going to work but DH and DD are going swimming and to the castle museum in York with afternoon tea somewhere.

Crankycunt Mon 02-Jan-17 08:10:29

I have a date today shock we're going out for a drink this afternoon wine grin

Lilaclily Mon 02-Jan-17 08:10:35

This morning taking the Christmas tree down
Cinema at 12 to see latest Disney film
That's the extent of our plans, ds , 12, on fifa , dd 10 and dh still asleep, me mumsnet ting in bed with a cuppa !

Lilaclily Mon 02-Jan-17 08:10:58

Ooh cranky good luck!wine

DamsonGinIsMyThing Mon 02-Jan-17 08:14:47

Finish taking down the last of the Christmas decorations and put them in the back bedroom so DP can fight them into the loft tonight.
Get car insurance quotes.
Complete another module of work elearning.
Clean the bathroom.
Do some laundry and put away the last load. Putting away washing is my most hated job.
Do some sitting down and read my book with a vat of tea.

newpup Mon 02-Jan-17 09:10:53

Taking down the decorations here too this morning!
DH home for another two days which is lovely. DD's not back at school until next week.
I have planned a lovely long dog walk across a local beauty spot later, DD1 can take her new camera to try out. Maybe hot chocolate in the café.
Then a quiet evening in, having a lighter meal tonight, fish and salad after all the heavy food and drink lately. We will catch up on Sherlock tonight.
I do need to do some washing at some point today and catch up on some e-mails too but generally a peaceful day with some fresh air to boot.

Oreocrumbs Mon 02-Jan-17 09:25:29

Were are off to the beach with the dogs, some fish and chips (maybe, I really don't think I can eat anything ever again).

Then B&q (if it's open?) to buy some paint as we have a new roof, plasterers and decorators starting this week!

Then I'm packing up all of 'Christmas' and taking it back to my house from my mother's. Nothing like a busy start to the year 🙈.

Current location... in bed on mumsnet, must get a wriggle on.... in a minute!

foxessocks Mon 02-Jan-17 09:29:25

Visiting my mum and dad this morning to deliver her birthday present. Then back home to relax the rest of the day before dh goes back to work tomorrow. I'm absolutely exhausted after a terrible night with baby DS who is snotty and can't sleep when on his back so a restful day would be good.

KingscoteStaff Mon 02-Jan-17 09:58:11

My DP's Golden Wedding lunch is at 1pm. So this morning I need to buy gold helium balloons and... WRITE A SPEECH!!!

Violetcharlotte Mon 02-Jan-17 10:56:14

As soon as I can drag the teen DC out of bed, we're heading down to the beach for a long dog walk and fish and chips by the sea. Making the most of the last day off before back to work and school tomorrow sad At least it's a four day week though (trying to be positive!)

AmserGwin Mon 02-Jan-17 14:50:27

Working sad

honeylulu Mon 02-Jan-17 15:11:52

Going to work, boo!
11 year old has inset day and husband working at home so he has some company. Little one back to nursery.
Not doing much today. Visiting friend. Will take most decs down tonight but the tree stays until twelfth night (evening of 5th Jan not 6th!)

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