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Dealing with family and friends medical issues

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Mary500 Sun 01-Jan-17 18:37:48

Wondering if anyone else struggles with friends and family sharing every detail of their medical tests and issues with them on a continuous basis. I am constantly on a knife edge waiting to be told when the next appointment is and then waiting for the results. Sometimes I can't sleep worrying about them I really empathise, probably over empathise with their issues and some of them are very serious medical issues, others less so. This has been going on for years now. I have fears for my own to deal with and it sounds selfish but I wish they would not tell me every twist and turn as I am beginning to dread the next call along with the graphic detail. I don't share any of my own medical issues with my family as I feel they have enough of their own issues to deal with even though they are minor. I would like to have a balance of providing support in other ways where needed but not that every month I live in fear of what I am going to be told next as its worsening my anxiety.

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