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To twitch with rage at this? I think I might BU.

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ScreechingWeasel Sun 01-Jan-17 17:40:02

It's a MIL one. Generally she grates on me but we plod along. I try to be nice but I've always slighted her in some magical way and she's in tears on the phone about it.

The thing is everytime I see her with DD she does something that infuriates me but I'm not sure why. At mealtimes DD is happily eating in her high chair and no matter what it is she'll keep wandering past and say "Nanny have some!" and help herself to whatever is on the tray.

I twitch. I don't know why it bothers me so much. She does it over and over. Argh.

So would I BU to start saying something? I don't want to start an argument over it but seriously, stop eating my daughter's meals!

sparechange Sun 01-Jan-17 17:43:43

Eurgh, that's really annoying

Can you leave her a bowl of snacks and make a point of saying 'that is for you if you get peckish so you don't have to take DDs food' with a hard stare?

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 01-Jan-17 17:44:30

Ask her 'are you hungry? get yourself a sandwich/ bowl of pasta , etc'

You could just smack her hand away and say 'where are your manners Nanny', how would that go down ?

Is she at your house often?

KellyBoo800 Sun 01-Jan-17 17:44:53

YANBU that's strange! I'd play nicely with this one though- every time she does it, just say "oh how rude of me you, you must be hungry to be taking food off of a child! What can I get you?". Every time. She will get the message eventually!

Confusednotcom Sun 01-Jan-17 17:45:59

That's weird but funny! What sort of food is it? If it seems like she's being goady, you could "generously" make up a portion for her so they can eat together or say, nicely, that you'd prefer her not to do it as when DD gets older you don't want her to think it's ok to take food from other people without asking.
If it happens only rarely i would try to put up with it tbh, as long as she's not doing it to wind you up and DD doesn't mind.

ChuckSnowballs Sun 01-Jan-17 17:48:41

Can you go 'zooom nanny have some' with some rusk on a spoon?

Or just smack it out of her hand next time.

DonutParade Sun 01-Jan-17 17:52:05

It wouldn't bother me, life's too short. Just give DD a bit extra when she's around.

Rinmybell Sun 01-Jan-17 17:55:26

I think next time Nanny is round, DD should have a big old helping of the smelliest fish and garlickiest garlic bread available.

BrightRedSpinner Sun 01-Jan-17 17:56:49

That's weird. I hate it when adults do the 'can I have it' thing as a joke as it often upsets mine. Does your dd mind?

ScreechingWeasel Sun 01-Jan-17 17:57:10

She comes over a couple of times a week and we go there every Sunday.

It's whatever I've cooked for everyone generally so she's eaten or about to eat but still insists on doing it! Steamed veggies, chicken, pasta. Whatever is there she will eat.

Might have to make her an extra little dish. You know, so I don't crack my teeth from the grinding.

ScreechingWeasel Sun 01-Jan-17 17:57:44

DD is 11 months so not able to tell her off yet but she gets annoyed at it!

MrsJayy Sun 01-Jan-17 18:02:03

My mum used to do this or feed them bit for you bit for me <blleurgh> used to drive me nuts I think you just need to quietly fume tbh or say oh are you hungry 😀

FutureMrsRanj Sun 01-Jan-17 18:04:12

My mum does this. But she will finish the food, I have said things repeatedly but in her head she is entitled to it. Maybe go down the making her her own little plastic bowl of food until she gets the hint.

abbsisspartacus Sun 01-Jan-17 18:04:16

Ex mil used to do it to make the boys eat faster she also grabs an empty spoon and pretends to eat fresh air making nom nom nom and yummy noises I told my ex its why he is overweight because your not allowed to be full unless you have an empty plate/seconds and dessert at her house he literally cannot stop eating till his plate is empty he tried to Christmas both her and her husband shouted at him for wasting food for the kids being fussy for the money that was spent they piled his plate so high ds thought it was for Sharing

FutureMrsRanj Sun 01-Jan-17 18:06:06

Or plonk both bowls in front of dd and passive aggressively say 'the red one is for you dd and the green one is so MIL doesn't have to take yours like she always does'

FoolandFitz Sun 01-Jan-17 18:07:50

Why dont say something like (with a laugh) "Did you see the look on DD's face? She looked so annoyed. I dont think she likes you taking her food."

SarfEast1cated Sun 01-Jan-17 18:11:20

Is it a way to teach your LO to share maybe? It seems a bit odd to me...

NoTractorsAtTheTable Sun 01-Jan-17 18:13:19

My DM did this with DD...until DD actually lunged and bit DM's finger blush

To be fair, it stopped her, but my muffled snort didn't make me popular!

Funnily enough, she didn't do it when DS came along grin

CauliflowerSqueeze Sun 01-Jan-17 18:13:59

No it's because she's a gutsy old cow who knows that a tot isn't going to be able to stop her.

Wonder how much she would like it if everyone helped themselves to her plate when she was eating. hmm

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 01-Jan-17 18:15:18

God I couldn't get annoyed with this! I think lots of the older generation is this as a way to show the child that it's delicious (to encourage the child to eat it all). I.e. "So yummy nana can't help wanting some"

That. Is. All.


WhereYouLeftIt Sun 01-Jan-17 18:16:17

"She comes over a couple of times a week and we go there every Sunday."
That's a lot.

ToastieRoastie Sun 01-Jan-17 18:16:34

You see MIL three times a week! I couldn't even see my DM that much!

talksensetome Sun 01-Jan-17 18:19:48

Next time she is eating walk over and help yourself to her dinner.

queenc81 Sun 01-Jan-17 18:20:47

Love the idea to feed her rusk with a spoon, I have unopened aeroplane spoons, that I will send you for free if you promise to film it grin Don't forget aeroplane noises too.

Groovester Sun 01-Jan-17 18:22:24

My MIL eats the kids' snacks and food too. It's infuriating! Thankfully we don't see her very often or I'd crack. To be fair, my husband has told her off for it in the past. Grrrrrr

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