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MIL digs again!

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LittleMermaidRose Sun 01-Jan-17 16:01:40

phone rings
Me - "Hello"
MIL - "Hahaha! Did I get you out your bed or something???"

Every time she calls.
Any time of the day.
Today she called at 12:50pm.

Not even a "hello", just a really disgusted laugh then an accusation that I've been lying in bed all day (nothing wrong with that though lol). But it's every time I answer the phone to her.. Maybe I just don't answer it quick enough but I don't just sit by the phone waiting for it to ring.

My MIL has made digs about my job before, as I just work part time. She liked to make comments about how I have "all this spare time" & "need something to do with my day", even though I still work 25-35 hours most weeks.
It always seems to me like this is just another one of her little digs at me, like I just lie around all morning doing nothing. She forgets that I still have a house to run & meals to cook, as well as a social life!

Rant over lol.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sun 01-Jan-17 16:03:53

Just slam the phone back down. Easy.

Ilovecaindingle Sun 01-Jan-17 16:04:14

Tell her yeah you were in bed having sex....
Now you need to get off the phone as you haven't orgasmed yet....

abbsisspartacus Sun 01-Jan-17 16:04:27

Is she retired? Sling it back at her with no mil unlike some I have a job/house/life

MrsAlexanderSkarsgard Sun 01-Jan-17 16:04:36

Have you ever called her out on it?
I.e. When she says "Hahaha! Did I get you out of bed or something?" Have you said "Now what makes you say that dear MIL?"

BertrandRussell Sun 01-Jan-17 16:06:13

It's probably her idea of a joke. Ignore it.

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Sun 01-Jan-17 16:06:48

That's very rude. I would just not answer the phone. Just say you were out or hoovering and didn't hear it if challenged. If necessary get a cheap answer phone so you can hear who it is and pick up if it's someone you want to talk to.

octonuddle Sun 01-Jan-17 16:08:20

My dad does that stupid phone thing too....No matter what time of day he calls he's like....Oh did I just get you out of your bed? I never understood it and it is always met with a rude and short 'no'. He does it to EVERYONE though including his friends and some people he hardly even knows. It drives me potty. Other than that he is very nice! My is wearing!

SapphireStrange Sun 01-Jan-17 16:08:33

Meet it head-on. 'No, it's 12.50pm; why would you say that?'

Or just 'None of your business what I was doing. What do you want?'

I'm not a very nice person.

LittleMermaidRose Sun 01-Jan-17 16:12:22

I'm a chicken when it comes to her!
Because I already have the feeling she's not too fond of me, I don't want to say something rude back & have her tell the rest of the family how I upset her. She always plays the victim.

And yes, she is retired. I never even thought about that before - what a cheek eh!

Soubriquet Sun 01-Jan-17 16:15:37

I would say yes I'm back off to bed now


Planetarymagic1 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:17:39

My boss used to do this if ever i was even a minute early. (This was admittedly rare.) He'd say "morning, nice to see you in early. Piss the bed?"shockgrin

Janey50 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:17:56

I feel for you OP. I used to get this from my exMIL AND exSIL. Whenever they phoned or called round,it was always the same comments. 'Woke you up,did I?' or 'What were you doing? Were you asleep?' followed by a sarky laugh. Every bloody time. Because I didn't go out to work,they imagined that I spent the whole day sleeping,or sitting around doing nothing. Yeah like that was going to happen with a hyperactive toddler. The way they went on,you'd have thought that after doing a full day at work,my exDH was coming home to a scene of total mess and chaos,with me expecting him to do all the housework,cooking,and childcare,while I sat and watched TV or went to bed. The truth of the matter was that he never lifted a finger around the house,even on his days off,so EVERYTHING was down to me. Not that they believed that. I found the best defence was to agree with them,to be sarcastic. I'd reply 'Oh yes,I was fast asleep until you knocked'. Sarcasm wasn't something they understood very well.

Pheebs770 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:19:39


FlyWaxSleepRepeat Sun 01-Jan-17 16:19:53

I would reply "who is this?".

Every single time.

Hissy Sun 01-Jan-17 16:20:15

That's what voice mail is for... Oh and "DH, your mum rang, can you call and see what she wants?"

jerryfudd Sun 01-Jan-17 16:24:37

"sorry, wrong number" and put phone down

Or "hello?, hello?...... Hello?" phone down

Repeat until she answers your initial hello in a less rude manner - every time she calls

ChuckSnowballs Sun 01-Jan-17 16:28:54

I don't want to say something rude back & have her tell the rest of the family how I upset her.

Yet she is rude to you. Strange that.

WhereYouLeftIt Sun 01-Jan-17 16:29:28

Start bellowing 'Hello? Who is this? Is there anybody there?' and pretend your line has a problem. Then put the phone down.

Benedikte2 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:31:17

Ask her why she phoned if she thought she'd be disturbing you.
Or phone her and say "Stll alive, I see" every time.

whattheseithakasmean Sun 01-Jan-17 16:31:59

Screen you calls and never pick up to her. Ever. Let your DH deal with her shit.

tenterden Sun 01-Jan-17 16:32:17

Caller Display - don't pick the phone up. Sorted.

Buggeritimgettingup Sun 01-Jan-17 16:34:11

Benedicte has it! ! That's definitely your next answer

ShowMePotatoSalad Sun 01-Jan-17 16:35:38

I'd say "I'm sorry but I'm not interested in claiming any PPI" and then put the phone down. If she says anything when you next see her, I'd say "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was you. I thought it was one of those really rude cold callers".


ivykaty44 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:36:15

Yes your sons very sexy and I have him chained up - is this going to take long as we are eager to get back on the job.....

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