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Dullboringusername Sun 01-Jan-17 12:51:02

Sometime ago there was a thread about how to tackle procrastination. Predictably I looked at it, thought 'Oooh, that looks good, I'll read it properly later' (I know, I know 😕). Even more predictably when I did come back I couldn't find it.

If anybody could provide any of the links/info I'd be very grateful. Especially welcome would be the suggestion of a good book on the subject - my mother-in-law gave me a book token for Christmas.

Iwantawhippet Sun 01-Jan-17 12:53:43

Brilliant articles. Really helpful for me.

Dullboringusername Sun 01-Jan-17 13:06:14

Apologies, meant to put this in Chat. Can see IABU using the wrong topic.

Thanks Iwant. I will read right now. 🙂

stella23 Sun 01-Jan-17 13:47:28

I feel your pain, I too looked at the thread and thought I'd have a good look later. My house currently is a tip.. I can guarantee it will be the same until 9pm when I will get my arse in gear to sort it out

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