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To think ken Dodd???

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salsmum Sun 01-Jan-17 00:49:05

Should not be my first choice to be made a 'Sir' ? Surely there are others who would be more worthy of the title am IBU OR DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE?

salsmum Sun 01-Jan-17 00:50:45

Sorry for the caps I pressed send too soon.

buckingfrolicks Sun 01-Jan-17 00:52:20

He makes my skin crawl, sorry. personally I'm not a fan of knighthoods full stop

ManaFleet Sun 01-Jan-17 00:52:20

Yes, me too - very weird. He frightened me when I was a child.

Moomoomango Sun 01-Jan-17 00:58:15

I was working at a theatre which held ken Dodd shows a few years back, starting a career in events management, I was only 21, my lovely team told me I should see this great comedian - having no idea who ken Dodd was I took my boyfriend along. Turns out joke was on me, an initiation test or such. I lasted 3 hours until the interval then I had to escape.

Moomoomango Sun 01-Jan-17 00:58:43


5foot5 Sun 01-Jan-17 01:44:06


Almost every other entertainer of his generation received an honour years ago but they made Ken wait until he Is 89!

Maybe its a generation thing. I remember going to see Doddy on Blackpool pier when I was a kid in about 1970 and he was terrific

Ohdearducks Sun 01-Jan-17 01:48:08

I thought he was dead! Sorry Ken blush

BitOfFun Sun 01-Jan-17 01:50:37

He's alive, and the last representative of Music Hall. I don't see why he shouldn't be honoured when Bruce Forsyth etc have been.

mrselizabethdarcy Sun 01-Jan-17 01:51:27

I thought he was dead too grin !

BitOfFun Sun 01-Jan-17 01:53:21

No. It's Ken Dodd's dad's dog that's dead.

5foot5 Sun 01-Jan-17 01:56:14

Happiness, happiness. The greatest gift that I possess.
I thank the lord that I've been blessed with more than my share of happiness.

He deserves an honour for that alone

Birdsgottafly Sun 01-Jan-17 02:01:02

He used to use my local laundrette and go into my relatives shop, often.

He was a lovely fella and involved in Charities etc.

He wasn't awarded one earlier because they had to let time pass, after the tax evasion. I don't blame him for not paying tax, very little of it (virtually none) went to Liverpool or Up North, in general.

Maudlinmaud Sun 01-Jan-17 02:02:56

I was sure he was dead. Was he the guy with Orville?

Birdsgottafly Sun 01-Jan-17 02:03:10

Just to add, when we went 'down south' and people would ask us where we lived, they thought that we were taking the piss when we said "Knotty Ash", they thought that it was a made up place by Doddy.

rainbowstardrops Sun 01-Jan-17 02:04:21

I think he deserves it for his years committed to show business.
Much more deserved than sports men and women who are still in their twenties.

Birdsgottafly Sun 01-Jan-17 02:05:30

Maudlin, no, he had the diddymen and tickling sticks.

HemanOrSheRa Sun 01-Jan-17 02:08:29

You're thinking of Keith Harris Maudlin. DP and I were only discussing Ken Dodd the other day. DP was absolutely convinced that he was dead!

Maudlinmaud Sun 01-Jan-17 02:09:32

Cheers Birds, I had a wee look at google. He's 89! Wow! I think he has earned it.

OpalTree Sun 01-Jan-17 02:12:46

What did he use the tickling sticks for?

Charley50 Sun 01-Jan-17 02:13:54

BitOfFun you beat me to it.. Ken Dodd's dad's dogs dead..

SwedishEdith Sun 01-Jan-17 02:15:44

I think he works non-stop. Years ago, I knew someone who was having a drink in a small church club type place where KD was also having a drink. Someone asked him to tell a few jokes - he ended up doing an impromptu (and unpaid?) two hour set.

Seren85 Sun 01-Jan-17 02:21:31

I'm ambivalent to Doddy but he is beloved locally, used to switch on the Christmas lights every year and people have very fond memories of him. DH and PiL are made up that he is now a Sir.

SuperRainbows Sun 01-Jan-17 02:29:58

So pleased for Ken Dodd. He deserves it. A shame he's had to wait so long. Entertainers with a fraction of his dedication have been honoured.

SumThucker Sun 01-Jan-17 02:32:49

My nan loves Ken Dodd, so yes, YABU.

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