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To be cynical about another "new year"

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DaviesMum Sun 01-Jan-17 00:37:55

I simply feel one year or even one day will involve life, death, happiness and misery - what's the point in celebrating. The universal truth is that many will lie, cheat or steal to get to where thry are now and it will be the same next year..

I have an illness from which death could be reasonably expected within six months. I just don't care anymore. Anyone wanna know more pm? It's shit.

3littlebadgers Sun 01-Jan-17 00:53:02

DaviesMum I'm so sorry flowers it sounds like you are going through a really tough time.

In 2015 I lost dd2 so the turning of 2015 to 2016 was so difficult on me emotionally, this year I am even further on from when I held her last. It hurts.

I try to think of it as just another day, because it is really. The date changes just the same as it does any other day. Maybe it will be a tough year, maybe it will bring hope, who knows where we will all be this time next year.
I hope for you it will be a peaceful one.

QueenMortificado Sun 01-Jan-17 00:57:12

What you've said is all true. But there is so much more to be had, there's more you can do with your life

What things would you love to do that you hadn't yet done?

Itsallgoodimtold Sun 01-Jan-17 01:51:20

It's extremely weird, when you consider it, that people are celebrating for no other reason than the change of a day. I have never understood it but at the same time I think people need an excuse for a party or gathering and if they are lucky enough to just experience good times in this way a few times in life, then good for them!
cakeflowers, don't know how to pm biscuit

wtffgs Sun 01-Jan-17 02:15:25

I am sorry (inadequate word) for your pain, illness and loss. I completely understand the hating another year passing after losing someone important. I hate that it's 21 years since I saw my mum and that so much life has passed by someone since. I hate having lost a friend last month and even now, it's "last year"

3littlebadgers I cant begin to be understand your pain. My losses have been loved ones advanced in years. I can only offerflowers

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