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AIBU To ask about LoveHoney?

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Stardust1901 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:15:21

Not my usual posting name...

Just ordered the 'wild weekend couple' kit from LoveHoney.

Are their products any good? blush We've never used toys before, excited and nervous! blush

sj257 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:16:16


FairyDogMother11 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:17:00

I've purchased a few bits from there and they're usually decent quality! Enjoy grin

ragz134 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:17:24

They are a lot cheaper than anne summers and probably better quality. I like reading the reviews...
Though the best toy we bought was from a proper, seedy looking 'shop' in the back streets of Bournemouth! Felt naughtier lol

Welshmaenad Sat 31-Dec-16 23:20:47

I love LoveHoney, as my Oh! Points balance will attest! Had some absolute bargains in their deal of the day and everything has been good quality.

If you're a student you can get 20% off through UniDays.

Stardust1901 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:22:26

Ah damn it! I didn't know about the student discount! DP is a student!

HighwayDragon1 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:23:04

Better than Ann summer by a very merry mile!

Enjoy wink

Sherlock35 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:26:58

They're great. Great products, good quality. ENJOY

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:30:11

Weve a fair few different things from love honey and all have been really good quality and far cheaper than the equivalent at Anne summers.

bettycat81 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:30:46

Good quality stuff and their forums are good for ideas too wink

steff13 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:31:17

I bought from Love Honey after seeing them on that reality show on Netflix. Everything I've bought has been of good quality, and shipping is super fast considering I'm in the US.

Champagneformyrealfriends Sat 31-Dec-16 23:32:16

Good value, good products-we've been very happy with them.

MyWineTime Sat 31-Dec-16 23:33:36

Excellent products and superb customer service.
You can't knock their 1 year no question returns policy.
Enjoy your kit!!

ScruffyTheJanitor Sat 31-Dec-16 23:33:48

Most of our toy chest I filled with LH stuff. Its a great site, great forums over there for advice etc. A 12 month no quibble return policy too.

StarsandSparkles Sat 31-Dec-16 23:36:13

Lovehoney is brilliant and their service is really efficient. Ive bought a lot from them and the parcels always arrive quickly and in discreet packaging. The returns policy is good but ive never had to use it. As pp said the deals of the day are really good too

RestlessTraveller Sat 31-Dec-16 23:39:54

They're brilliant! Love the surprise boxes!

Schwifty Sat 31-Dec-16 23:43:27

Awesome and enjoy!!

EveOnline2016 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:43:35

Love honey is a great site for beginners.

DH and I wouldn't touch that site now because it don't satisfy us, but it's where we started off

1horatio Sat 31-Dec-16 23:47:06

I shall google what LoveHoney is... 🙈

StillRabbit Sat 31-Dec-16 23:48:12

I got some rather lovely Love Honey lingerie for Christmas. In the past we have had cause to return things which didn't fit and there were no issues. Their customer service is really good.

BlueFolly Sat 31-Dec-16 23:52:06

Is this like that Lovehoney wank sock advertising thread they had in Rekationships a bit ago?

tooclosetocall Sat 31-Dec-16 23:53:17

LoveHoney good for beginners fgrin. Bondara too.
Avoid Ann Summers. It's the Disney of sex toy land.

And with this my last post of shitty shit shit 2016 - Happy new year!

SarcasmMode Sun 01-Jan-17 00:00:53

Only used it once before but planning to again.

Very good quality, discreet packaging and they included lube for free.

Empress13 Sun 01-Jan-17 00:25:37

C'mon OP fess up what you ordered???

elodie2000 Sun 01-Jan-17 00:26:28

Most of our toy chest I filled with LH stuff. Its a great site, great forums over there for advice etc. A 12 month no quibble return policy too.
shock blush Toy chests?! grin

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